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    Tsubasa Overloadscans looking for staffs =3!!

    Hello there, gents.

    Overloadscans is looking to expand our numbers in order to increase our number of projects, as well as ensure faster releases. For that purpose, we are recruiting all positions, but most particularly, translators ( Mainly J-E).

    To any translators interested, you can either start working on any of our current projects, or propose one of your own. For more info on what our current projects are, as well as any other questions you may have, feel free to ask at our site:

    You could pm me or
    You can also contact us through email : and on our forum:

    To anyone who's not a cleaner/typesetter, but wants to help and/or wants to learn: we have no problem on teaching you- You'll learn how to edit step by step if needed.

    I have decided to post our current project.View them in the spoilers below.

    Just to inform you all,don't judge the site/forum by it's homepage or the number of members XD

    Hope to see you soon!!!
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    Recruiting staff, a lot of staff!!!
    We're really short of a lot,and we are mainly looking for Translators. Proofreaders are also welcome
    Also looking for editing staff. Don't worry if you never edited before,we'll teach yeah you, as long as you're willing to learn.
    You may choose any manga series you wanna do.(as long as it isn't licensed by an english publisher)
    Visit for more details. or on our forum;

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