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    It was nice with all those wings and stuff^^.

    And seriously, I was just wondering when Psyren will have it's own section xD.

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    good chapter, i think.
    great to see tatsuo is alive. now that we know asaga is alive, we can be sure oboro too is alive.

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    I think Oboro might get a core or something . Hope something special happens to him so he's more interesting.

    And finally our release :
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    Psyren: chapter 70 Spoilers and Discussion

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    Important notes:
    • Along with the spoiler, add the source of it.
    • Put text spoilers in quote tags.
    • Do not post babelfish/google translations here, since they're not accurate. You can post those translations in the Spoilers Discussion thread.
    • The first post will alway be updated with all the existent spoilers.

    Source : 2ch
    Credits : Ona
    Verification : Confirmed

    original raw script:

    translation by hai_Priesty from Mangahelpers:

    I'll try my limited translation skills ^_^;

    Call 70 - Rebirthday ③

    Haruhiko was maintaining the place when Lan's sister, Chika, brought him in.
    In front of Ageha was Haruhiko, Lan and Chika.
    Shao explained that the Haruhiko helped powering the facility with Shocker n, but Ageha wasn't about the forgive easily the men that almost killed Kagedora 10 years ago.

    "Before that, Ageha... you came from ten years ago via time slip right? You don't need to answer me.... just like how I foretell the world destruction, I have seen my husband's memory of going to Psyren world. And now, I see with my eye, the changed world.... I knew already.... You are brought from ten years ago to here by Nemesis Q.

    Yagumo Matsuri is one another Time Traveller right? Well, she's a little different case from you...."

    (Amamiya) "Where is Matsuri sensei?"

    "After what happened back then, I and Haruhiko assisted Hyodou in searching for Amagi Miroku. After you all disappeared that woman worked alone. She just vansihed leaving her work ad everything, at most just contacting Hyoudou occasionally....

    Perhaps it's from anger and grief of losing all of you, or some other secrets - she started going after the W.I.S.E. alone."

    Ageha (Perhaps she is looking for us and do not want to get Kagedora-san implicated?)

    Our only link of finding Amagi Miroku, Inui, was dead and we made no progress. Who is he? His birth, life, whereabouts...... all went unknow until the end of 2009 - ...
    One day before the Declaraction of War, Hyodou san brought a seriously injured Matsuri. Seemed like she challenged the W.I.S.E. alone... She was anxious and fell into Amagi Miroku's trap.

    That was the first time I every see such an enraged Hyoudou san.... Angry that he couldn't protect her, angry that he was not one to get relied on...

    Fortunately she lived, but she was down with a fever and strange pattern appeared on her body. As if she contracted an illness from another Psychic's attack. Even Ian couldn't cure her of that illness.

    With her in that condition we did not go to the Declaration of War. We then relied on the Elmore's powers and brought the unconcious Yagumo Matsuri to Tenjuin Hostpital and stayed in on the Declaration of War day...

    By the time she regains conciousness the Declaration of War was over. She couldn't stand doing nothing and insisted on going out, and Kagedora went with her.

    By then the world was a living hell and there are mountains of dead bodies everywhere. Ian, Matsuri and Kagedora went to help the remaining survivors. Then Grana and Shiner appeared....

    "Uh-i We found survivors!"
    "Kagedora - Bring everyone to safely at once! I'll buy time for you....!"
    "Hmm, are you a Psychic?"
    "I, Shiner, shall be the one to bring all of you to the safety - the only sanctuary, Astra Nova! (typo - please check ^_^; )

    "Bring Ian and Haruhiko and Lan to the Root and don't get discovered...!"
    "You look strong... are you a Burst Psychic?
    ...Nope, you're the Almightly type that smashes through all opponents."

    "They are not opponents that you come overcome!"
    "You're going to fight? Too bad, would have made a great fight if I have full powers."
    "Told you I love you.... Like I have said it thousand of times, you can count on me on anything.
    (To Lan & co?) "Go now!"
    "Make sure you live long!"

    "That is all we know about Yagumo Matsuri and Hyoudou san...
    After that, Ian ignore all advise and Cured people non-stop.
    48 hours and thirthy gravely injured people later, he overtaxed his brain and never waked up again."

    Everyone was shaken by his death.
    "Um, hey....
    Injured people, please come to my side....!"


    "I'll....cure you all!
    So calm down....please....!!"

    The tragic death and Matsuri and co!
    And boy Van's heart, moving with his words!


    Edit : my thoughts
    1) Matsuri sensei & Kagedora & Ian..... T_T The love triangle trio ended in major teat-kerker.....
    2) I wondered if Ian actually continue Cure that long being he wanted to die....
    The world has ended (no future living), and woman he loved has died.
    To get himself saved, the two that were dead was (ironically) the woman he wanted to protect, and (even more ironically) his love rival......
    3) Everyone wailed about what happened to Van..... It looks like SOMETHING really happened to him now that we look at it. O_O Or it is because Van was a nice boy that put up his smart-ass pretense in attempt to make the place more lively in this desperate, post-Armageddon world.... (If so, Van is lovely.....)
    4) Lighter note - Haruhiko powered the place with the Bolt!? XD I guess in winter time, we have the Pyro-Queen Frederica-sama firing up the place!
    5) With all this tragedy, glad that Haruhiko (and especially) Chika is well! Especially the fightless (perhaps she's not now XD) Chika-chan!

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    I dare you
    So who's Ian? 0,0

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenIce View Post
    So who's Ian? 0,0
    this guy:

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    I'm feeling a bit sad after reading the script. Damn.

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    I dare you
    Grana looks awesome(I can see it, I can feel it, I like cake)... Why wasn't he made as a good guy <,<

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    Psyren Chapter 70 Discussion/ 71 Predictions

    On the Front Page Fresh go get it!

    For Lazy People

    Quote Originally Posted by Calcifer View Post
    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    Cool Chapter.

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