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    Great chapter! Everyone who made a reference to Galactus and Silver Surfer hit the nail right on the head with that one. I was like so when's the Fantastic Four gonna up. lol! Nice ending to the chapter, can't to see what happens next.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris200 View Post
    Anyone else think Iwa drew Mithra pretty damn creepy?

    Man though what a Cliffhanger
    It's those eyes of hers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yondaime123 View Post
    The woman is going to send our hero and friends in the past.
    Think so, too. The moment before the "Eater" strikes to change the ökosystem or whatever he does theyll send back to the past and when they send back to psyren again they face some new enemies muahahaha.

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    tha't the only way for them to survive, i think. howewer, great chapter!

    this time i can really say "can't wait for the next one"!!

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    yeah love the chapter maybe the time travel chick saves them all who knows? this is epic
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    SIMS for short >:] StareIntoMySharingan's Avatar
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    awesome chapter! >:]

    does anyone else have the feeling or see miroku from the past turning to the good side, help ageha defeat mithra?

    the power of both light and darkness against the planet eater!! >
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    Psyren 139 Discussion/140 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Calcifer View Post
    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    looks like the manga is close to finishing. is nemesis q going to ditch the drifters now that she knows whatever it is that she needs to know?

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    Ripple User Trilight's Avatar
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    I have to give it to Iwashiro. Even though this entire arc's felt a bit rushed ever since the rescue attempt he's really ending it with a bang.

    Mithra is one psycho freak. Her control over the Illumina means she can fully attribute all that power into Quat Nevas, talk about a hack. Poor Junas, Rico was way too cute when she was protecting him because she loved him. He was her first friend after all. Hopefully they can be redeemed and saved in the past.

    Grana saving Miroku at the last second, keeping true to their partnership is also another heartwarming moment, only way more badass. These guys are best buds ever since they destroyed the port back in the past and wasted those military dudes. The W.I.S.E. are an incredibly developed group for bad guys. I feel for them just as much as I feel for Team Psyren and the Elmore Kids.

    Hiryu saving the day with his full dragon release was a great way to show his increase in powers. Sad thing about Kusakabe, but at least Tatsuo can be saved. I'm actually fearful about what happened with Oboro. He's been jacking those Illumina into his body like a chain smoker. Can only imagine how messed up he'll be after Mithra's done absorbing his powers.

    Looks like the Drifters are returning to the past now, and Nemesis Q now knows the full extent of the threat Ouroboros possesses. Guess it's up the the team to figure out just how to prevent something like this happening in their timeline, seeing as it's inevitable. Hopefully Hiryu and Tatsuo can finally come back with too.

    I guess the best way to prevent total widespread annihilation would be for Ageha and the gang to join forces with the W.I.S.E. but even then it'll still be one heck of a long shot.
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    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    My version of Psyren 139 Eng and Ita.

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    I can't understand half of the things that are going in the chapter(example:attacks).

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