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Well, the Hachibi warned Naruto not to use Kagebunshins because, even if the Kyuubi couldn't drain all of his chakra at once, it still takes time to regenerate. However, we know that Sage Mode increases Naruto's own chakra, and also speeds up regeneration. Maybe if he combines Kyuubi Mode with Sage Mode, he'll be able to overpower/last longer against the Kyuubi, and possibly throw out some Kagebunshins. At the very least, he could fight in Kyuubi Mode for longer, and gain Sage Mode benefits in the process.

I don't like the idea of Naruto flip-flopping between Sage Mode and Kyuubi Mode, each with severe limitations, just to throw around Mode-Specific variants of Rasengan. And I especially don't like him only being able to use Kagebunshins (his signature move) to their fullest extent while outside of Kyuubi/Sage Modes... they'd be so strong with the power-ups, come on!
I have a hunch that Naruto will find a loop hole around the restriction/limitation. For sure Kishimoto is setting up the foundations for a whole new Naruto, the one who will eventually be the greatest Hokage ever, but he's gonna do it in littles steps that will take a year or more to fully evolve.