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he says its a new technique but its just gonna be another form of rasengan. correct if im wrong but naruto goal is to be hokage but earlier in the series didn't they mention one of the requisites to become hokage to have mastered over 100 jutsu
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This chapter was like reading Bleach. Screw naruto's Nine tailed fox training i wanna see some war action

Don't lose heart me hearties, don't blink either cause I have a feelling that this whole thing is leading up to "THAT JUTSU".

What is the connection between Minato, Rasengan, and Naruto? Recall that Jiraiya said that Minato NEVER does anything without a reason. Why did Minato develop Rasengan and then Show it to Jiraiya, Why did Minato ask Jiraiya to be Naruto's God Father?

Answer, Minato had always wanted a family he developed Rasengan to pass on to his Kid/kids. Minato may have wanted his and Kushinas child to inherit the Fox from the start (when Kushina got old). Minato taught it to Jiraiya probably as a precaution, Minato wanted Naruto to complete a Jutsu, but it requires both Rassengan and Fox chakra to do.

My wild guess is that by exploring this avenue, Naruto will discover/develop a new twist to Rassengan. Is this anything but a wild guess, lets wait and see. Let's also wait and see what happens when Sage Mode is put in the mix.