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    maybe hachibi din not realise that naruto had kyuubi jailed in a rikudo prison. i mean its RIKUDO, surely it could do something more than just chain up that faggot.

    it could possibly be that kyuubi had no means to take narutos chakra from the beginning since the rikudo prison has the ability to protect the caster from being harmed by his prisoner by any means. its just a theory tho.

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    i still really dont like about the Edo Tensei technique that now become kind of way weaker than what we thought before...
    but i still really hoping kishi to later reveal that kabuto are actually making the edo tensei to be weaker than it should cause he wanted to screw madara's plan and wanted to make both side to be even so that in the end kabuto could destroy them all...
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    i dont like the chapter that much, but I don't hate it as well. I think I'm just getting tired of seeing Naruto doing another form of Rasengan. Aren't there any technique left for him to learn? He created Rasengan with the sage mode and now his trying another Rasengan with the Kyuubi's chakra. I guess its interesting but I'm just hoping to see more Jutsus from him...

    Quote Originally Posted by artifice View Post
    This one was another disappointment. The whole tailed beast bomb being another alteration of the Rasengan seems boring to me, I don't see why Naruto can't just learn a new technique for a change that isn't just a regurgitation of something he already new. On top of that I really don't like the idea of another big bomb technique, techniques that just make big explosions are so uninspired. The Rasenshuriken was already basically the epitomy of destruction, now we have this new technique which sounds like it will eventually be somekind of spirit bomb equivalent. Everytime I start to get a little bit excited about Naruto's abilities I am reminded of what a blatant cliche the vast majority of his powers are. More strength more, more speed, bigger explosions, I don't see why Naruto can't have something that isn't just another lame boost of Rasengan and/or the shadow clone.

    I really don't want to see another dull training arch for Naruto either, and Killerbee doing the explaining doesn't help matters any. I would much rather see Naruto fight Killbee and have him somehow learn from that. At least when Sasuke levels up it happens in combat, or off screen and then we get an explanation while he is in combat or something. When Naruto gets a training arch it always seems to read like a training manuel for children.

    I guess Sasori's little speech about passing on his legacy was kind of nice but also kind of a let down. I am still not happy with Sasori basically putting up no fight and the Zombies just fading away on account of their feelings. It is good to see that Deidara is still alive I guess but unless he does something creative keeping him around might be more annoying than just getting rid of him to begin with.
    I am really hoping there is something better planned for the Zombies because if the rest of their fights turn out like this one it is going to get old and frustrating very quickly.

    The part with Madara and Kabuto was alright but it was basically just a clarification of what was already fairly self evident. Madara is on to Kabuto, knows he is planning to turn on him and he has some kind of plan of his own, nothing particularly surprising there.
    i second the motion for everything you said....
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    This chapter explains how Naruto could make those six floating rasengans around his kyubi chakra in one of the covers. His skills in balancing different kinds of chakra foreshadows how he would eventually handle ninja village politics when he becomes a hokage. Maintaning peace and stability in the Ninja world is a balancing act. After this war, I could see them forging a permanent ninja alliance council that will work out differences among ninja villages. Kinda similar to the United Nations.

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    Naruto really tried to make himself throw up in order to shoot out energy beams from his mouth. I am reminded why I love him so.

    While it would be nice to see Naruto learn a few different techniques, I think it works well to his advantage that he can offer up so much variety with his skillset with only a few basic jutsu. Clones and Rasengan may be tired and true, but they've brought him to the dance and haven't failed him yet.

    Combining Sage Mode and Kyubbi's chakra is another likely power-up incoming, and all of Naruto's moves emphasize his attributes of guts and determination, fitting him to a tee.

    Sasori found peace by witnessing a worthy successor to his puppetry arts. Kankuro earned many points with this fight. Sand ninjas are tough no doubt. Deidara getting ornery was to be expected. How he ends up defeated will be interesting to find out.

    At this point I'm rooting for Kabuto over Madara. I feel he's actually grown as a character and makes for a much better overall villain. Madara's always struck me as a cliche, overpowered, madman put in at the last minute to add a super-powered final baddie. In all honesty Sasuke is the ideal final opponent.

    The war trudges on, things are looking up for the allies but it's far too early to say it'll be a cake walk. Things won't go their way the entire war and sacrifices will be made. Jinchuuruki devastation is a personal must in my mind.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
    Where there's a will there's a way!

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    Remember if a tailed beast dies - it basically gets reincarnated~ That is why it was important to seal them.
    It's chakra is basically infinite - so, it would seem naruto can keep sucking out 9tails chakra and it's only limitation is his own chakra pools to hold out.
    Sage mode on top of 9tails would be amazing to see.. But, I wonder if he can do that so easily? It was stated that instead of using his own spiritual energy. He is using the 9tails. Which means he'll have to rebalance nature with the 9tails.
    Ya, Naruto doesn't have too much in variety of techniques.. But, I never thought of him as one of those ninjas. He has certain specific tools that took him forever to learn then he just goes with that.

    As for Sakura - It was stated many times that she has other potentials to power up..

    As for a new training arc - I guess this is one of those long dragged out wars? I mean, I always thought of this "war" as more of a battle. Is there really that much time that Naruto can do a training arc?

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    Wow, Naruto's even bulimic right now

    I mean...



    Third raikage sees the fourth cries....

    Third Raikage: I knew you'd succeed me, I just needed to see it with my own eyes

    cries again and turns to dust

    Random fodder ninja: IT'S THAT EASY!!!!
    Remember people, when Zombies plague the earth, the power of therapy no jutsu and positive thinking will save your asses.

    So after all these years of Naruto he still really has only two attacks..... Why did we bother with the wind training and sage training if we were just gonna have Naruto use a frigging rasengan in his ultimate form. Heck why cant we give Naruto just ONE wind attack, Sasuke has like 20 fire/lightning attacks. I would take just one wind attack even if it was just a tiny little gust of wind.... just give us something other than Rasengan!
    I thought it was funny and emphasizes how Naruto's still a loser. A loser who's achieved Super Saiyan 2, but a loser nonetheless.

    He's even more of a Prince than Vegeta was.

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    Bah this chapter wasnt anything special kinda expected more the battles so far havent been too engaging or exciting...the thing that caught my attention the most was...ANKO!! I sure as hell hope she isnt But i wanna see how madara is using kabuto that for me would be the most interesting point now more so than watching naruto develop yet another variation of the rasengen as well as the war

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    I think the crumbling of ET is only a side effect of Kabuto NOT having their wills forced yet. When he removes their personality (like he said he would) this emo-no-jutso crap won't work.
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    I agree with Deidara's perspective on art. Its supposed to fucking explode in your face and kill thousands of people. If not then I don't wanna know what art is.

    Anyway these chapters are just meh.

    I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm at Killer Bee's dialogue anymore so I'll ignore him from now on. That's really not what he says right? Please tell me he didn't call Naruto a crazy cracker. That's all just the translator having some fun right? RIGHT?!

    I don't really have anything to say about the chapter. Enjoyable, but nothing really revealing or provoking aside from the fact we learned the source of inspiration for the rasengan's creation.

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    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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