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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    From this chapter, two immortal quotes from Robin-chan has been born:

    "That would be... too embarassing!"


    "Just never... EVER try that docking AGAIN!"

    Plus the mortified looked on her face = WIN!!!

    Oda-sama, if you could read this: YOU ARE A GENIUS! ROFLMAO!!!
    Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god AGAIN! -Omega Rugal KOF '98

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    Damn it Robin, why would you not join to create the robo-warrior!


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Hahaha! I loved this CH! The LOL-ness of the Mugiwara Robots!!!

    I'm was kinda surprised Zoro and Sanji pulled through with something that bizarre. And the mortified reluctance of Robin was just TOO funny. >.<v. Its moments like these that make OP one of the greatest mangas ever.
    "The leopard is a cruel lover. His tenderness breaks the gazelle's heart."

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    I don't fully comprehend that idea of having the Straw Hat's group up into a giant form. Since their attack powers would have been individually reduced by 3/4, except for Robin, Sanji, and Ussop who would have suffered by half at maximum.

    Does anyone else think that it's hilarious that Perona is trying to do a Robin maneuver?
    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaaarrrggh View Post
    I don't remember i ever seen that kuma guy..
    Where's his first appearance?
    help me on this one
    He appeared after the Alabasta Incident. One of those who attend the meeting called by world government along with DoFlamingo and Mihawk
    When will Lufy's fight start?
    I'm sick of waiting, just too excited, you know!!!
    Longlive the strawhats! Longlive Oda-san!!!!
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    Franky is awsome in term of ideas, can't imagine that he actually build a stair that high in an instant, truly handy guy!

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    Yeah, MID AIR STAIRS!!!
    Kuma is about to do some serious exorcism on the zombies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erpada View Post
    Yeah, MID AIR STAIRS!!!
    Kuma is about to do some serious exorcism on the zombies!
    Omg how didn't I think of that, the guy carries a bible around and went to an island full of zombies. This is getting interesting, I hope he has an awesome devil fruit or some sort of god-like power.

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    Shichibukai mad fest! Two Shichibukais at the same location! Shichibukai is an organization in name only, the individuals are not associated with each other. For Kuma to be seeking Moria, it must due to personal motives! Or perhaps Kuma was charged by the government to seek out Moria and deliver order? Unlikely, since a marine captain can do that job just as well.

    On the side note, Perona loaded the Thousand Sunny up in Nami's stead. Fu fu! Such a nice girl to save Nami tons of work. Talk about irony!

    How did Kuma find Thriller Bark in the first place? Only the heaven knows.

    Will Kuma prove to be neutral or a foe to the Straw Hats? Can't wait for the next chapter!

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    Kuma went to beat up Moria, and leaving Luffy to go after Kuma

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