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That idea was already shot down(bolded). Dunno if you noticed me posting like 3 pages of stuff connected to it mainly with FM and a few others popped in like cross.

But i think thatd be pretty sweet. Though i dont really see makarov dying yet, but that could easily change. I dont know who could lead FT properly with him gone. The obvious answer of gildartz.. he just isnt really that guild master material from what ive seen so far. Though he could probably change into it if needed. :-/

And FM, i think reckles meant those as 2 different outcomes. He does have some pretty epic covert magic.. Seriously makes a great spy.
well the thing ab out this is i really do not see him fighting hades because i think there are better options there that are just as likely. like gildartz fighting him instead, i mean i am sure we all think gildartz fried and bixlow will be in this fight at some point so i feel that it would be a more interesting fight if gildartz took on hades considering the masters helth at this time it would be a smarter move for fairy tail to if they have that option.