this is a great new show on cartoon network (yes great and cartoon network, something that has not been said together in a good while ). this show is based on DC comics. not really a parallel of any of the DC series but bases on a mix of the DC universe as a whole with a few twists.
the pilot move premieres NOV.26 in an hour long special with the series starting in January i think. you should be able to catch the special here and there on re runs or the internet.
here are a few links to check out to see if you want to get in on the show

interview with the creators


over all i will not give any specifics about the episode away. BUT the animation way good not to flashy but not bad in any way. there are some small surprises and the plot starts to get deep and show some sub plots even in the first pilot episode. over all even thought i do not give to much of my time to cartoon network any more, lets just say i will be watching this. all in all comic fans should check this out (no matter how old you might be LOL) it looks really good.
oh and to me this does not really fall under anime but f i am wrong sorry for putting it in the TV section.