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    Moderat0r Clavat's Avatar
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    Any which have English Subbing the quality does not realy annoy me, unless it is really bad

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    Regular Member ktchris69's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    I download dattebayo, coze theyre fast and the video quality is not soo bad, how are flomp's video? i might change if theyre better than DBs....

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    haha i suck. i was not aware there were other fansubbers other than Dattebayo >.>. meh, DB are the best anyway, better quality and faster upload.
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    btw, Dattebayo's Quality isn't great. They have Translation Errors, it just that you guys don't understand Japanese. But what made them special is their SPEED i guess.

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    Well, other than the fact I haven't watched Bleach during these latest Filler eps, I do DB, simply because its fast and I don't need the fan sub really except for occasional guidance. At that, I don't go to their IRC, and I'm not stupid to fall for the trolls. They say every episode at the end if the next episode will not be shown at the regular time (AKA look out for Trolls in 1 week.) Not to mention, who is stupid enough to fall for half of their pranks on the homepage about pokemon or whatever?

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    Veteran Member tatsukai1990's Avatar
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    db has pretty good quality and they're fast

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    I'm so tired. Sleepybones's Avatar
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    I never knew i had a choice other than Dattebayo, shows what I know.

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    Dattebayo for life. I compared a couple of flomp's to DB and flomp emphasizes more on how they talk rather than what thier talking about, well, in my opinion at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_error View Post
    I watch Flomp-Rumbel since they don't act like douche bags to their fans.
    HOHOHO! ME TOO! =]

    Flomp-Rumbel for Bleach. They even have significantly better ratings on AniDB:

    Why DB is still popular? It's because people don't like change and have never seen a F-R release and just assume DB is better. It was similar on the Lunar --> DB phase too. (Though Lunar's versions were better than DB's) I watched 2 episodes from Flomp/Rumbel and I have never went back to DB.

    Also, the h264 and XviD version of Flomp/Rumbel have better quality than DB's release. If you haven't compared them, don't argue with me. If you have and say the other way, prove me wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by ktchris69 View Post
    I download dattebayo, coze theyre fast and the video quality is not soo bad, how are flomp's video? i might change if theyre better than DBs....
    Go for it! =] Make the change!
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    I've always liked Dattebayo's quality and I've found all of their trolls hilarious. I did enjoy their YHBT for Shippuuden ep 5. I've been with Dattebayo since episode 58 of Bleach.

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