Hello fans and leechers,

I am here to announce that we are recruiting for the JAC again…

Instead of recruiting people to work on every release, we will be recruiting people for a team for the series we do…

So the teams we will have will be divided as following:

1. Bloody Monday ( Have to be available every week)
2. Tegami Bachi/Ao No Exorcist ( Have to be available when the raws are released for the month)
3. Shin Prince of Tennis (Beginning of the month normally, maybe middle)
4. Kure-nai ( This team depends on if Ivory-sama will take you on)
5. Sengoku Basara 3 /Ultimo (These are series that we are really behind on so you show up whenever you can and clean 5 to 10 pages then you can leave or comeback whenever)

Now with the Bloody Monday team raws normally arrive on Friday night or Early Saturday morning so we would need you during those time until the job is complete which shouldn’t take long if we have enough cleaners.

Now the rest of the Teams are mostly monthly which is why we aren’t requiring ya to be here every day, but I would like a way to be able to contact ya when raws arrive and such…

If ya choose to try, join and register and make a thread on the JAC Forums , while ya are training it would be nice if ya can join us on IRC , but if you can’t be sure to update your thread. When you make the thread give us a brief statement on your experiencing on Photoshop, also the country or state you are living and Timezone. Please include the team you plan on joining; you can join up to 2 teams and 3…after we see you are staying long term and your skill has improved..

We are only looking for cleaners and re-drawers (Bloody Monday chapters always require redraws); we may open up recruitment for Typesetting at a future time. So please apply if you want to, if not go to hell…