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    Bleach 428 Discussion / 429 Prediction

    It's ooout

    And, the Hell Arc is out too, check it out

    At least a little bit more interesting than the last 2 chapters, but I wish a fast forward button for Bleach..
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    Damn, you beat me.

    Kubo's killing it, another great chapter with those color pages for the upcoming movie to top it off, was pure awesome.

    Starting to think Ichigo's 'boss' knows alot more than I gave her credit for. Too much to hope she's related to his mother.

    Great pacing, epic art as usual, and story progression with the introduction of 2 new characters in the bargain.


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    For Kubo's pace it was a good chapter,

    If this were another Manga.... Meh.

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    This Ginjou guy is really in Ichigo's head. He's got him questioning Urahara's loyalty and his own families history. Those two people he was with, Riruka and Kitsuzawa, are a big mystery as well.

    Riruka seems to be a lot like Hiyori, only with a Gothic Lolita set-up going on. Kitsuzawa has the strong silent type vibe going for him. I'm wondering just what is Ginjou's motive, the cliche is to believe he's a bad guy wishing to use Ichigo for his own purposes, but I think there's more to this situation than meets the eye. He's messing with Ichigo's head like nobody's business.

    Just have to wait and see just what his true intentions are I suppose.
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    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    it was just and average chapter to me, he's way overdramatic. And this kuugo guy reminds me of aizen/freakin schemin bastard

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    Wow I ve read naruto and I was soo excited, and then I read bleach and it sucks the excitement out of me. I mean it's not the story itself, it's more about the way it presented: Drawing too big, too many wasted pages too many wasted black inc.
    The story seems to be somehow intriguing but like most of the time the slow flow of the story is killing the manga.

    I really don't like Kubo narration skills at all: Most of the time the flow is too slow and when things get really interresting he go into lighting fast mode. Remember how he finished the top 3 espada in like 3 chapters then he finished what supposed to be the biggest fight of the manga between Powered-up ichigo and Super-Hollow 3 Aizen in two chapter.

    Still the story itself and the idea behind are good, I just wish that in 2 or 3 years someone with more narration skills take back the manga modify it: speed up when needed , slow it when needed, add some dialog , remove some useless scene...

    And my opinion Kubo should write story and let other peoples take care of the scenario

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    Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl daz bonez's Avatar
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    So kubo has decided to rip off both Beelzebub and FMA.

    King Bradley and A wet nurse.

    and Ichigo is finally starting to realize that he might lose his position as main character to someone else.

    anyway. For those who don't know, the anime next week is a prologue to the movie, so I'd check it out. I can't believe it, but the preview indicates that Aronirra and Szayel Aporro are in Hell with the new villain. oO I guess that means all the other dead Arrancars will be in the movie?

    A better look at the color spread and the bonus chapter:

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    The tension is rising.

    Ginjou Kuugo must be someone important or just a shinigami high family as he has servants. (One of them is Tessai's brother ;P ).

    Maybe he really is from Human(- shinigami) organisation fighting against shinigami and royal family. Ichigo's Mom was a part of it, but she betrayed and fallen in love with a shinigami.

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    Senior Member SquadZero's Avatar
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    Why hello there Vaizards version 2.0... This is like exactly the same as the vaizards were introduced to us, and I bet a shiny that they fulfill a similar role. Also, it seems that Karin is not yet receiving shinigami training from Urahara, but I still believe it will happen.

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    Like mentioned the pace is uber fast considering this is kubo we r talking about...interesting stuff though i wish the boss didnt cut him when he was abt to tell ichigo more. I like the addition of the new characters though i agree abt the rip off part. Like to see more development on karin the direction its heading is good.

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