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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    I didn't like that Naruto seemed to be able to kick the Kyuubi's ass so easily while in Sage Mode. I get that the struggle was mostly in his head, but he was using physical attacks (which I found stupid to begin with). Basically, the Kyuubi came out of that looking weak as hell, and Naruto was caught off guard by its hatred. The same hatred that he'd just trained to be able to handle during the waterfall deal.

    Again, loved Kushina.
    Dude Naruto was not actually fighting the Kyuubi.. it was a mind game, will power... sage mode was the deciding factor, it was Killer B, Naruto and mostly Kushina with her chraka chains... and I don't see how all the excitement can be a letdown to anything...

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    It's supposed to take Seals, chakra chains, and tons of jutsu to handle the Kyuubi, not body slams. The thing spits out blasts that destroy mountains, but a single Rasenshuriken had it down for the count. In the end, it was the Kyuubi casting spells (hatred, practically like a Genjutsu) to try and take over Naruto, while Naruto himself was zipping around in Sage Mode beating the snot out of it. I just didn't think Sage Mode in and of itself allowed someone to grab the Kyuubi by the tail and slam it to the floor. It cheapens the Kyuubi, and makes me wonder where the hell Sage Mode went amidst all this Kyuubi madness.

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    Well in the Narutoverse it all comes down to chakra, so I'll give Kishi the benefit of the doubt that Naruto using sage chakra gave him just the necessary edge needed to separate the Kyuubi's mind from it's chakra. Even tho it was purely an internal battle, I like the way it was represented. I didn't think seeing Naruto grab the Kyuubi by the tail as cheapening the kyuubi because Naruto had significant help early on and had weakened the Kyuubi before hand, plus Kishi had warmed us up for it by showing Naruto lifting Nagato's giant Rhino summoning by the horn and throwing it as if it was plastic and filled with air during the Pain fight. Tho I agree the pokemon parallel is apt and kinda funny.

    And is 519 coming out tomorrow cuz I can see the spoilers are out?

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    Famous as you well know it was all a mind game. With Kushina's help the only thing needed for Naruto to win was sufficient will power, goodness of heart and endurance. Naruto's Sage mode+Uzumaki blood sealed the deal while Kushina handicapped the Fox for him.. I personally thought of the RS's as a Visual Representation of their mental struggle.

    If this had been a physical struggle, Naruto would most likely have been toast using sage mode and Rassenshurikens. The only way to fight the 9Tails is by sealing tactics and space-time jutsus.

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    Well, if it comes down to chakra, the Kyuubi has Sage Mode Naruto beat by a mile. One-hundred miles. That's pretty much my entire complaint. And not just that. Against Orochimaru, tapping into merely four of the Kyuubi's tails gave Naruto enough strength to resist the Kusanagi blade, which was said to pierce anything. That should pretty much make the Kyuubi's full strength immune to any physical attack. And when Naruto went to six tails against Pain, he was able to actually reflect Shinrai Tensei, God Realm's badass technique that had defeated everyone to that point, with a mere roar. Yet every single little Kagebunshin, Rasengan, or Rasenshuriken that Naruto attempted was able to land. To be honest, I can't even see how those chakra chains were so effective at capturing it, when it was able to bust out of Chibaku Tensei so easily. Basically, every time we saw it's power prior to the fight against Naruto, it looked so badass you'd never even consider fighting it 1v1, at least not with brute force, yet that's exactly how Naruto won.

    The ONE thing I can think of that would make it interesting is if those strengths Naruto had in his Four/Six tailed states were actually in part made possible by his OWN strength, not just the Kyuubi power wrapped around him. But that also cheapens the Kyuubi, in my eyes. We shouldn't be considering it something weaker than Sage Mode Naruto, it should be overwhelmingly stronger, yet that's essentially what it appeared to be.

    @Paulbee, I really hope it was because it was in a mental struggle that Naruto was able to win. I hope it was his emotions and mastery of his own hatred/the love of his mother that allowed his attacks to become so strong. But if that's the case, I wish there had never been a silly "fight scene" to begin with, because I always felt it was out of place.

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    Nooooo00000!!!!!!!. Consistency is teh pain!!!

    You're absolutely right, though. But if you follow Paulbee's theory, then it's a BIT easier to swallow if you think of their power levels in that battle as direct reflections of their respective willpowers. Kyuubi's was stronger at first, hence the blast and him basically mopping the floor with Kagebunshins. But when his moms popped up, and gave him Encouragement No Jutsu 2.0, his willpower, which = Power in this case, became stronger than Kyuubi's. Or something *shrug*

    Since it was all in his head. As you pointed out, if it had been Naruto vs. Kyuubi like it was Minato vs. Kyuubi, Kyuubi would be coughing up Hokage bits for years.

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    Don't forget that Naruto only faced essentially half a kyuubi as only half its power was sealed into him. Also rasengan shiruken isn't exactly a slouch technique either. It is perhaps the single most damaging technique ever created, I mean, Minato modeled it after the tailed beast bombs. It also kinda destroys mountains(hills at least) as well. I could be mistaken but doesn't it also sever chakra connections at the cellular level?

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