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From what I can see from the spoiler pics, it looks like the art is back to where it should be. It was depressingly sloppy in the last arc, aside from some impressive two-page spreads.
ok RL, before you start complaining about the art, realize two things, the cleaning of the chapters isn't an easy thing to do, props to MangaStream for doing it so fast yet still retain good quality, and also the art for the Edo Tensei is maybe meant to be that way, the look of it, after all they're dead zombies made of dust. Just saying, if you think the art sucks, wait for the japflap HQ version and then critique it.

Anyways, Sasori and Diedara took one hell of a hit from Sai's ink Fuujin/Raijin jutsu. Of course not enough to kill em, but they seem to be trapped in Kankuro's puppet drums for now. Guess they'll just sit inside em till the alliance figures out how to unbind/seal their souls or get Kabuto to release the jutsu.

I wonder what would happen if Kabuto releases the jutsu now, after realizing that one of his Edo tensei soul has been unbound, and the other two's movements are restricted, so if he were to only unsummon and resummon Diedara and Sasori, it may work, or the drum puppet may block the coffin from recapturing the Edo bodies to be unsummoned. I don't think it's the end of Diedara and Sasori as of yet, it took Omoi, Sai, and Kankuro along with multiple sacrifices of their teammates to take them down, I still think diedara and sasori's strength is superior than em all. Of course Diedara isn't a close range fighter so he was being controlled by Sasori, brilliant move on Omoi's part to cut the chakra strings. And Sasori didn't have access to his arsenal, the main one of which, the Sasori puppet Kankuro now possesses. The Edo Tenseis were in fact limited in their strengths, but a team effort can take them down. But Sasori and Diedara have to break free somehow first, they aren't done just yet.