What bothered Erios was the fact that no matter which shop he entered, he couldn't for the life of him seem to be able to find that fizzy green stuff the men on the ship were drinking.

What made this even stranger was the fact that no one even ever heard of 'Skratch.'

Erios was unsure whether he should have drank it or not. Was it possible that it may have been poison? That's silly, considering the fact that they had all been guzzling the stuff.

He decided to give up for now and continue looking for the place Storm had told him to go to.

"Manny is like a sister," rang Storm's voice in Erios' addled skull. "she will tell you anything that you need to know about the city."

Erios stopped when he reached the cathedral. There was a gentle beauty to the building, being the only antique in the city.