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    Storm and Erios

    All rights to Alex Loranger
    Any fan-mail can be sent to
    600 Morgan Street
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407

    -- This is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any person, living or otherwise, are purely coincidental. --
    -Chapter One-

    Our story begins in the far reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy. Our hero Erios sits at the

    helm of a large transport vessel. The insignia of a phoenix rests below the giant letters

    R A G N A R O K 001

    Two other ships, 002 and 003, rest in relatively close view of his.

    Above the control panel sits a photo of a father holding his daughter who appears to be about eight or nine at the time the photo was taken. A single tear landed on the steering wheel.

    "I'll be back soon, my lovely Storm Cambpell."

    Ten years have passed since the world has gone into nuclear war.

    Once news had reached the Central Skill Center of China, all of

    the rules went out the window. It was time to take action.

    In a secluded location, deep into the tundras of Siberia, a young

    woman is poring over her research in a tiny shack lit only by

    candlelight. The only decoration inside was a tiny cactus that

    seemed to be out of place in the snowy climate.

    The room was filled with communications equipment. All of them seemed to be in use. A radio broke the silence. "Storm Campbell, please respond! I repeat, Storm Campbell!" The young woman calmly set her glasses on the desk and picked up the radio.

    "Speaking..." she said patiently into the receiver.

    "Miss Campbell..." you could tell he wasn't used to talking to women in his line of work. "we've just picked up a heat signature of an unknown aircraft within a ten mile radius of your outpost."

    "Probably just another hacker. Let the police deal with them." she sounded annoyed yet kept her voice professional.

    "We're not taking any risks, Campbell! I need you to turn off all of you're equipment until one of our men gets to you."
    "I know, I know..." she said lazily. "Standard procedure."

    Storm started to shut down all of the equipment in her tiny home.

    She had gotten used to the CSC getting scared over unknown heat signatures. Every time it ends up being some hacker or other petty criminal trying to escape persecution from China.

    After turning off the last piece of equipment, Storm grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler and stretched. Her hand knocked over a photo. Her expression changed as she gazed into the photo of an older man who has her eyes.

    Miles away, a large object crashed into a group of trees. There
    was smoke coming out from all around it. A bewildered young man
    burst out of a compartment motioning to the skies in anger.
    "Piece of..."

    Before he could finish, a group of three men wearing brown surrounded him and his aircraft. The oldest of the three started to speak as the pilot looked at them in confusion.

    "We are from the Central Skill Center of China." rasped his aging voice. "Your aircraft's heat signature is not licensed for this part of the world. You will come with us."

    The young man was too confused to argue. He put his hands over
    his head and went along with what they had told him.


    The men in brown had lead the man to their ship. It had the appearance of a giant, metal eagle. There was nothing special about its size, but he could tell that this was no ordinary ship. He had never seen anything like it.

    Before he could inspect it further, the men had rushed him inside. Despite their haste, they treated him with a certain amount of respect that he hadn't received before.

    "Forgive me for not introducing myself, but we had to get you to our ship as fast as possible." started the oldest of the three in brown. "Care for a drink?" he motioned as he poured himself a glass of fizzy green liquid. The bottle had a splash of waves surrounding the words 'Skratch' written in bright green. "Don't worry, this isn't alcoholic."

    The young man grew impatient, but resisted the urge to ask them what was going on. It seemed like he would get to the point eventually. After motioning that he didn't want anything, the older man continued. "Forgive my manners, I haven't even introduced myself. I am Brai Strauss, head councilman of the Central Skill Center of China, the CSC." he set down his drink as the others routinely introduced themselves.

    The young captive looked at the three of them. They had not changed their demeanor at all over the course of the past half hour. "I believe you need an explanation from me."

    "We already know who you are, Erios." came a voice from a dark corner of the compartment. Erios looked in shock as the younger man came forward and sat down next to Brai, a look of confidence on his face as he poured himself a drink.

    Storm was just about to sit down when a loud knock brought her back to reality. It's a wonder why they even need me, they work so fast! she thought to herself while making her way toward the door. She opened it to find a stalwart figure that seemed big even for a regular sized shack.

    "Ms. Campbell, we have scooped up our little visitor." she stared at him with a bored look on her face. He took a quick glance around her room before continuing. "There's something I must discuss with you, I ask your permission to enter." He walked in before she could even answer. Figures...

    She started turning on all of the machines with a new-found look of eagerness. Storm never quite felt right unless she had her machines running. She had spent the last six years here designing them after all. There was something about electronics that made her feel at peace.

    She looked at the now-hunched-over man as he stood waiting for her to find him somewhere to sit. She picked out a stool for him from underneath her bed before sitting on the bed herself. She picked up her notepad and continued working where she left off while he spoke.

    "You know, though these machines of yours take up quite a bit of electricity, a light-bulb wouldn't go over the abundant amount of electricity we have allotted--"

    "The candles help me feel at home, Mr. Fritz." she interrupted, her voice never wavering. He cleared his throat and continued.

    "There's something we have been keeping from you, Ms. Campbell. Something that we've known since before you even joined the CSC six years ago."

    "If it's about my father..."

    "We are aware of Grolg's achievements, Ms. Campbell." She winced at the fact that he had called him by his first name, yet insisted on calling her Ms. Campbell. Only those close to her father had called him by his name. "This is about you."

    "Oh?" she was sincerely interested.

    "Ms. Campbell, you are not of this planet."

    "What!?" she had spilled the water over her notebook. She thought for a few seconds. Why would the CSC keep this information from her, and what has had to have happened in order for them to tell her? She regained composure. If she wanted answers, she would have to be clear of mind. "And my father? He knew?"

    "Yes, in fact, he was the one who had told us to keep this information from you."

    "Why would he do that? I trusted him! I loved him..." she sat back down, breathing heavily.

    "Ms. Campbell, I assure you that this will all become very clear once we introduce you to our little visitor."
    The man left without saying another word. The candle flickered as he closed the door, and there sat Storm Campbell, alone in her dimly lit room, Mr. Fritz's words echoing in her mind.

    "Yes, in fact, he was the one who had told us to keep this information from you."

    The candle made its last flicker before finally going out.

    The compartment in the eagle ship was more of a dining room complete with bar and casino than a ship. This made Erios feel uncomfortable.

    After seeing this younger man appear, there was no telling who or what else would appear next.

    After gulping down his third glass of goo, he slammed it down and stood up again. He had long spindly hair which he kept having to sweep back. Not so much in a snobby way, no.

    " I see that there is no reason to continue this charade, Erios." his icy eyes broke the cheerful mood of the room and all remained quiet. Brai was obviously intimidated by this younger man. He was much, much younger, better built and better looking than him, not to mention the plain reality of higher ranking. Erios could see the loathing in Brai's face.

    "I guess I will have a drink, err..." said Erios with a gulp.

    "Raditz... Oh we have much more important things to talk about Erios." said Raditz with a sense of purpose rather than smugly. "The bow," Erios' attention focused. "The Bow of Norn, with phazon technology."

    Erios let out a heaving sigh.

    "That's why I came to this planet!?" said Erios.

    Raditz sat back down calmly. "Do you remember anything at all?

    "I do now! I'm from Midgarsormr. I came with a group called Ragnarok but got separated and crash-landed here on... "he pressed a button on his wrist computer and its display brought up some text. "Earth."

    Raditz drummed the chair in thought. Brai and the others looked at each other.

    "Does he know of The Lost Artifacts of Odin?"

    "He must if he has the bow!"

    "We must tell The Elders at once!"

    "Quiet!!" hissed Raditz. "Erios," he continued. "You are in possession of something very important to our planet."

    Erios listened intently but could not remember anything.

    "Erios, I think you need rest."
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    Wrong section. Thread moved to 'Fan Fiction and AMV's'
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    oh thank you so much! I wasn't sure where to put the thread because this is not a fanfiction, but I guess it would fit best here.

    Let me know what you think. Feedback will help me a lot with this universe.

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    It's an original piece based off something that already exists, so it belongs in the Creative Centre. The story is ok....could use some more imagery and be fleshed out some more but I didn't fall asleep midway so it at least kept me interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arhazivory View Post
    It's an original piece based off something that already exists, so it belongs in the Creative Centre. The story is ok....could use some more imagery and be fleshed out some more but I didn't fall asleep midway so it at least kept me interested.
    I'm glad it kept you interested. That's a good sign for me.

    Which part did you like the most, and which part(s) confused or were uninteresting to you?

    Thank you for the reply~-~!!

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    Chapter Two

    -Chapter Two-


    In the deepest reaches of the universe resides a planet draped in darkness.
    The creatures that inhabit this planet would be considered... hideous by those
    from Earth's standards, but are nevertheless humane creatures.

    Living in the shadows has its share of good and evil. After all, some humans make
    a living of it.

    Three shadows lurk through the catacombs of a decaying cathedral.
    Each time one of the creatures reached a corner of a wall, it molded itself to the
    countours of the wall and kept moving.

    "What do you plan to do with the girl?" slithered the oldest, most ghastly of the three.

    "She doesn't know yet of her past, my dear brother Albus..." soothed a much light-hearted,
    calmer creature. " she will play right into our plan, rest assured!" he continued in
    confidence. "Don't worry about the details." He hissed in a brotherly fasion. "The Bow of
    Norn is nearly complete in its formation.

    The third creature remained silent throughout the conversation.

    Storm Campbell of the Central Skill Center of China lived under her company's
    rule for six long, grueling years, inventing machines and ideas unheard of in the mainstream
    community. It was time to let go of these distrustful men and make her own path in life.

    She left everything except a gym bag that was empty except for the picture of her father,
    Grolfeggio Femster Campbell.

    Of course she knows the routine by now. They want her to sit and wait until Mr. Fritz
    comes back with his signed documents and go along with him to meet the poor, unfortunate
    soul that was just trying to get some food for a discounted price for his family.

    They call themselves hackers, but in the age of the CSC, it's the only way to really live
    a normal life. That is, unless you have power or money. If you know the right people in the
    right places, life is comfortable.

    Sadly, the CSC thinks that anyone else is considered dangerous to the health of the country.

    "I'm not playing into your hands anymore Mr. Fritz!" she almost yelled in triumph as she set off
    to the Southern Field of Forlorn, the patch of rotting earth that the CSC force-lands ships into.

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    Erios could feel the tension in the room as Raditz and his three sub-
    ordinates sat there with worried faces. What did I come here for? Who are these
    strange old men, and why do they keep drinking that strange, green liquid?

    "Please tell me what the hell is going on here!" shouted Erios in blatant confusion.

    The three older men kept whispering among themselves while Raditz motioned for complete

    "Erios of Ragnarok, you truly don't remember who you are? This puts us in a very peculiar
    situation. You see, we were waiting for you, Erios of Ragnarok." he calmly continued while
    setting the drinks down and ordering for them to be disposed of. The three older men obliged
    and left their superior to discuss matters privately with their captive.

    "You can call me Erios, thank you very much!" he was relieved that the older men left, but something
    about this younger man made him feel unsure that this was indeed the safer of the two options.

    "Erios... We have you on our tracker systems, so we will know where to find you." Raditz calmly
    reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic card. "Some money for food and anything else you may
    need. There's no limit, so spend all you need." He handed the card to Erios, stood up, and left the
    compartment with Erios sitting alone on the chair feeling very stupid.

    After a few moments of waiting to see if this was all a joke. Somehow he expected that Raditz and the
    three older men would come back and laugh, telling him everything about him, and that this was a time
    of celebration.

    But nobody came back. Nobody told him anything.

    So he decided to go back and see if his ship was still where he left it.

    Storm was feeling pretty bored until she saw the ship. It was the shape of a sphere,
    with absolutely no signs of any machinery or landing gear. It was sitting in a small crater with
    a lot of steam from the melted snow coming out from it.

    After looking all around the strange object, and even trying to move it with no sucess, she
    finally gave up and started brainstorming of what the passenger of a ship such as this one
    could possibly look like. Storm has never seen such a sophisticated piece of machinery. She reached
    for a stick and making some notes and calculations in the snow.

    As Erios reached the landing site, he noticed a young, blond woman crouched over, every
    now and then taking off her mittens and ruffling up her hair in frustration. He has never seen
    such a beautiful woman in his entire life.

    He toyed with the idea that it was possible for them to already have met, and immediately jumped
    to the conclusion that this woman was indeed the love of his life. He was certain! If his memory
    was truly lost, then maybe she could shed some light on the subject.

    Storm looked up and realized that the pilot of this incredible ship was walking toward her
    in a complete daze. Then her expression changed as she looked into his eyes. Those deep, penetrating

    "It's impossible..." she thought to herself. "There's no way he had another child. Mr Fritz gave me
    all of the documents of my father's life, and I had some help from some people that the CSC doesn't
    know about, and it all checks out." She gazed for a few seconds while he stood there scratching his
    forehead. "No, I must be imagining things." she thought to herself as she stood up and greeted the
    strangely aloof and strangely dressed young man.

    "So what did they tell you?" she said blankly. "Don't be caught again or it's another hundred points
    toward imprisonment?"

    Erios was wary of who to trust after his strange encounter with Raditz, but somehow felt
    safe around this beautiful woman.

    "My name is Erios," he said cooly. "and I'm from a planet named Ragnarok. I was seperated from a
    group of researchers and somehow ended up here on Earth." He seemed unsure of what he was saying,
    as if he only half-believed it.

    As soon as he mentioned the name of another planet, Storm suddenly came to a realization. Maybe, just
    maybe if she went with Erios to this planet Ragnarok, she can find out more about who truly is.

    "Erios..." stuttered Storm. "Is there any way we can get this ship into orbit so we can talk?

    "Oh this isn't the ship, it's the lift. We need to get inside first. I'd like to talk to you too."

    Erios suddenly belted down in extreme pain. Storm quickly came to his side and grabbed hold of him.
    He came back to reality after a few seconds and Storm held him closely to her side.

    "Why have you come here?" whispered Storm gently into Erios' ear. "What do you want
    me to do?" She almost cried out in agony as she remembered how much pain Erios must be in.

    Erios made another painful attempt at remembering who he was and why he came here, but instead
    let out a deep, longing sigh. Storm help him close to her chest. "It will come back to you, Erios,"
    she assured him. "and I will be right there with you every step of the way."

    They gazed into each other's eyes before the lift came to a sudden stop.

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    anything sent here will received by my facebook group.

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    Storm and Erios

    "Raditz wants these necklaces for a reason!" Storm's voice carried across the dark castle walls. "Why else would he have stolen the one that my father..." Before she could continue, two goblin guards had started rushing toward them.

    Erios had jammed the spear between the doorway and the goblin's helmet. The door stood closed, the goblin trapped. Storm took this oppurtunity to gather the scrolls in the castle library.

    "Go straight to the west tower, Erios!" said Storm in certainty.

    Erios continued searching for the Gate Key after making sure Storm was a safe distance away. The second guard noticed Storm running, and was now making his way after her. Erios dashed toward him and broke the goblin's legs. He immediately made his way to the west tower.

    Erios had just made it to the top of the west tower when he noticed the alarm sounding for the first time since it had started the moment the guards turned up. He stopped running to catch his breath. The last moments of securing Storm's safe escape had awoken part of himself which Erios had not yet realized he had.

    Deciding that there were more pressing matters than analyzing his own battle tactics, Erios now made his way to the center of the room.

    Three statues were facing the center of the room. Exactly what they were facing eluded Erios, but he knew that the necklaces resting on each of the statues' necks were what he and Storm had come here to retrieve.

    "Raditz wants these necklaces for a reason!" Storm's voice echoed from the
    inside of Erios' memories.
    "Storm..." said Erios as he gazed into the dark green stone from Storm's necklace.

    Storm had awoke in a fury of nightmares. Had Erios made it out of the tower alive?

    There were more important matters, such as survival, of course. This was simply a matter of time, however, since being an inventor of useful devices her entire life has given her the skills necessary. "Are you all right?" She heard a voice speak from beyond herself. Hoping it was Erios, she turned toward the voice and saw, by the look of her clothing, a young mid-wife.

    Storm had been used to dealing with men her entire life. After all, her position at the CSC left her surrounded by them.
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    If anyone wants to help by downloading this text file, it would make me oh so happy.

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