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    Specific romance events in anime and manga or Japan in general?

    I'm doing a research project on women and relationships in Japan. I'm looking for a shojo or Josei title that has a good representation of what's expected of women in relationships such as Christmas, marriage, Valentines Day etc. I don't have my manga at hand, so I'm scratching my head for particular books

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    Fuck that shit! Shojo and Josei are both catered to what women want more than what is realistic. Since I've actually moved to Japan I noticed that Shounen is more accurate in depicting romance. Though it is still off a bit in what is reality, so you shouldn't base anything real with the happenings in manga or anime. Though if you ignore me and still plan on doing what you want, then read Futari Ecchi. It is a Seinen about a married couple and is known for being highly accurate for both male and female.

    Really, all you will get out of reading a shojo is that all women are insecure and that all men are feminine pretty boys. You read one shojo, you read them all. With Josei, there is more insecurity and sex as well as the pretty boy's being assholes.

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    I'm with xioaxioa on this one. I mean, there's a reason otaku are looked down upon in Japan

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