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    Awesome chap! I expect some damn good fights coming up!!!

    72 hours of hell!

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    Great chapter. Why it had to be an Aburame clan member to die first.:(

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    Heh, I never even thought about Sais brother being introduced into the story.
    Sasori without his actual puppets vs Kankuro Hmmm

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    Great Chapter!!!!!!!!! Kishi took this manga from "a little boy in ninja class" to "the middle of Narutoverse World War4", with such a seamless transition. Kudos Kishis Kudos..

    Although an Abrumae was the first to die, I think they have a great advantage against the ET zombies, as well as the Hyugaa. Both clans can easily immobalize thier opponents and/or destroy the bodies. Bug swarm and not-so-gentle palm.

    I'm hoping Oomi shows something worth this chapter being named in his honor.

    The upcoming main event: Sasori vs Kankuro II. In a one on one, Im going with Kankuro because the brother of Gara cant loose to the same guy twice.

    Poor Anko, I always thought she was sexy with her fishnet outfit. Oh well.

    Lastly, Kabuto must not die by anyones hand, other then Saskue. If you think about it Kishi kind of hinted to this when he wrote, "a genjutsu would be one of the only effective ways to stopping the zombies.
    Beware of the Kyubii

    Stev3child - The biggest pussy of them all is rokudaime sennin though. If he was a real man, he wouldn't have relied on hax god-given powers to seal the Jyubi. He would have suplexed that bitch and ripped each tail from the beast one by one with his bare hands.

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    I thought this chapter was great for what it was. Even though it seemed like a lot of it was taken up with trivial dialog, I think it still did a lot right. For starters, we are finally getting some really good team action happening. Since the beginning of the series we have been told about how ninja's working in complimentary teams is important but the vast majority of the battles we have seen have come down to basically duals or very limited team work where one or two characters basically do most of the work. In this chapter we have already seen multiple characters play a role. This chapter also showcased just how effective Sasori and Deidara are at taking on a large force. Their abilities are used so simply and so casually which shows why they were feared, Sasori in particular comes off as a total badass even without using his more dramatic abilities. It is good to see a different side of him as a fighter. Overall this was a good start to what could be a great first battle. Hopefully in this war we get to see a whole lot more of what each Akatsuki member can do. Sasori doesn't seem to have his puppets and I am glad because now we should get to see him fight in a different way and show another aspect of his skillset. Sasori's battle with Sakura and Chiyou mainly focused on his use of the 4th Kazekage and his puppet army, but he is obviously powerful even without them because he had to beat the 4th Kazekage to begin with.

    While I was kind of hoping to see more of a fight between Anko and Kabuto, I can see why it wasn't shown. Realistically Anko wouldn't have a chance in hell against Kabuto so I can appreciate the single pannel that showed her beaten this chapter. Sometimes not showing the details of an obviously one sided fight just helps to keep the plot moving in a reasonable way and that one pannel did a nice job of giving us the message while not detracting from the current events. I am now wondering what Kabuto will do to her and how he plans to make his next move.

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    If Sasori doesn't have his puppets, then I think it is safe to say that Kakuzo doesn't have his other hearts. He still need to collect other hearts as he goes along. And Nagato would surely fight without dummies.

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    What a great way to start the war.

    I love the continuous action that is happening.
    Just like what Omoi said, no time to think, and just simply be ready to use their moves and techniques!

    Anko beaten again by a snake. Why does it have to be always related to snakes.

    Using their comrades to fight against comrades is just awesome. No casualty for Akatsuki, but it doubles the damage on the alliance. Damn.

    I hope more Uzumaki peeps gets revealed and help the alliance in sealing some of those zombies.

    Oh my geeeed, I'm excited for the coming chapters! Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeee!

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    it was a pretty short chapter..nothing that interested me much besides the introduction of Sai's older brother and learning that Anko is probs. shot haha

    Do you know what that is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moork View Post
    I couldn't disagree more.

    Kabuto may be a "weasel", but his power is legitimate.

    Even without Edo Tensei (which he uses better than Orochimaru AND the 2nd Hokage), he's already surpassed Orochimaru in just about every other area (look what he did to Manda, how he's changed/mutated his entire body in a fairly short amount of time, his ability to suppress Hashirama's power, even the secret he obtained about Madara).

    Kabuto is a monster, moreso than Orochimaru ever was. And that's really saying something.
    I agree, I don't see how he can be labeled as a watered-down Oro when he literally bonded with Oro's cells and gained his white snake abilities in addition to what he was already bringing to the table [which was a kage level medical ninja] If you take that and mix in everything that made Orochimaru dangerous, then you come up with something of a new level.

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    Damn...there goes the first casualty :/ An Aburame
    And wow, Sai got mind fucked

    Bad Guys: 2
    Good Guys: 0


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