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pretty much. No Amaterasu or Fuuton RasenShuriken is gonna destroy the Edo bodies.

Madara is the greatest weapon against Edo Tensei with the human path's Soul Sucker, (teleport behind them and suck the souls out), and his powerful genjutsu. But I would love to see a battle of the Rikudous here.

Then Sasuke with his EMS Tsukuyomi, Susanoo's Sword of Totskano (which also sucks out souls), and then if need be Izanami.

Next would be to release the Sandaime Rikudou Nagato from under Kabuto's control, which would be quite difficult I presume.

Then Tsunade being the godaime hokage, she might have learned some info from Niidaime hokage's scrolls about the secrets of Edo Tensei jutsu and her being an uzumaki, she may possess some sealing jutsus herself, similar to the deathgod seal.

Gaara and other Hidden Rock ninjas like Karutsuchi can detain the Edo bodies with their sand/youton lava kekkeigenkai. But that'll be really difficult to do against Itachi and Nagato.

I'm sure no1 on the alliance's side knows of the dead demon seal, that might be helpful. But their best hope is that Madara and Kabuto turn against each other. There's still the 6th coffin to deal with. Damn things are getting really interesting.
Seriously Kishi never ceases to amaze me! So as for the ET zombies, Human realm's ability is gonna play a huge part in stopping them. I dont see Kabuto getting caught in a genjutsu and them forcing him to dispell the technique, it would be so lame if it ends like that. I could also see someone pull a 3rd and use kage bunshin with the Dead Demon seal to take out more than 1 or 2 of them..