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Thread: Yamato's fate

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    Yamato's fate

    Whats going to happen to Yamato? Discuss

    I have an interesting idea regarding this.

    Tobi said the first hokage's body he created is mindless, but with Yamato there things could back fire badly.

    Imagine if Yamato's mind united with the first hokage's mindless body.

    Kabuto could possibly arrange that behind Tobi's back, to make Tobi's goals very difficult to achieve and get the upper hand near the conclusion of the war, he already has offered to help strengthen zetus and Tobi gave him the go ahead, so he has access to the materials.

    Remember Tobi never planned for Kabuto joining him, so their is always some chance of things going against you when changing your plans at the last minute not mention during a war there's always something that go against you.

    So what do think?
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