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    The upcomming war will really be something to watch
    younkou, pirate king, WG, BB, RA

    Who else thinks Luffy will die at the end of OP?
    just imagine the impact...
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    i don't think hell die, because thats exactly how oda is setting it up. brainwashed

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    Luffy will die. It just won't be at the end. Green Data Book saying that they will go to Davy Jones Locker should be more than a hint of someone dieing.

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    anyway in regards to ch.648. Besides the obvious themes of that chapter (Jinbe probably joining, blooming friendship between humans and fishmen, the ability of "hearing all things" and so on...) there was the conversation of the Sea Kings which really sparkled my interest and made me think about JoyBoy and the rest of the mysteries of Fishman Island, so i have a few thoughts about things which at this point of course are very theoretical, so you should be warned.

    First off, everything we know for sure so far:
    The Ancient Kingdom existed till 900 years ago, then there was the Void Century and 800 years ago the World Government was founded. The Poneglyphs were distributed around the world among the allies of the Ancient Kingdom to tell about what really happened in the Void Century, the position of the Ancient Weapons like Pluton and Poseidon and also even an apology letter from Joyboy to someone, whereof we just learned recently-> so Joyboy is clearly connected to both the Ancient Kingdom, Fishman Island and if we can trust Neptune´s words, also to Noah. Furthermore, people with the D.have some kind of connection to the Ancient Kingdom, too. Tom, Franky´s teacher, had the blueprints to the ancient weapon Pluton which were passed down in a line of shipwrights for centuries.

    So, now concerning the theory which i mentioned above:
    The Sea Kings mentioned that Noah had to be repaired for the promised time but for that they need the help "of their kind, but the times have changed". My interpretation of this sentence is that "their kind" stands for humans and "the times have changed" has the meaning that the Ancient Kingdom doesn´t exist anymore. Furthermore, Noah probably was built by JoyBoy who belonged to the Ancient Kingdom and was one of their best shipwrights who also built Pluton and Poseidon. So the Sea Kings just assume that it will be hard to fix up Noah because the ones who actually built it were highly educated and also better than the rest of the world but at this point, Franky will play a huge role. If you all remember, Pluton was passed down in a line of exceptional shipwrights. My thought is that the root of these shipwrights also lies within the Ancient Kingdom and also JoyBoy who gave the blueprints of Pluton to his student who teached the methods of the kingdom´s shipwrights to his student and so on until Tom and Franky. So basically, Franky should be able to repair Noah.
    Next point is the promise which Neptune and the Sea Kings mentioned. I assume that Ryuugu Kingdom was an ally of the Ancient Kingdom(thinking about the Poneglyph in the forest) and that JoyBoy promised to the Royal Family of Ryuugu Kingdom to help with quest of immigrating onto the surface, hence that would be the purpose of Noah. Furthermore, i take it that either the queen or the princess of Ryuugu Kingdom had the same ability that Shirahoshi has. That would certainly explain the chains on Noah. Finally, JoyBoy apologized on the Poneglyph because he obviously couldn´t help Ryuugu Kingdom with their task ( his kingdom was destroyed and maybe he even was killed).

    Although there are many assumptions i think the theory in itself is conclusive.(another thory again Daz?,please)
    What do you guys think?

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    I think one piece is ,all the islands come together as one
    so there be no east-bleu,west-blue,north blue.... wich means there will be only one sea ALL BLUE
    how is this gonna happen?
    well maybe that ancient weapon can be the cause of a great eartquacke combining all these islands together.

    something like that, i didn't came with this theorie, i read it and found it possible

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    One Piece.... It exists! THE LEGENDARY BATHING SUIT IS WHERE I LEFT IT.... Raftel! Hahaha seriously something funny like this is the only thing that will make sense to me. Perhaps it makes fruit users capable of swimming or perhaps it does nothing.

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    One Piece ala

    All your story is nice but rememder that Luufy was also able to speak to the sea kings. And speaking about Poseidon how could he(joyboy) has created poseidon given that it is Shiraroshi and it is passed to Princesss once a millenium. and not forgetting the fact that Poseidon is also the Sea Kings Empress. lol DID he create sea kings too ??????
    I have a Nicer Theory.It goes thus the old Civilisation with thier knowledge especially JoyBoy Discovered this Mermaid Princess abilty and dispatched him to go and use it to bring the fishfolk and merfolk to land (given that theywere thier ally) but he could not because of the war of the Void century.

    Im not with the assumption that Francky would arrange the Noah cuz he is not a descendant of Tom(iff Tom is a descendan of the old civilisation). He was picked from a dumping ground he came from the south blue.

    Im even for that Luffy is Joyboys descendant and Promised Person to come as mentioned above he could unintentionaly speak to the sea kings if am not mistaken.

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