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    ---The Mystery of One Piece...solved?---

    okay ...about one piece i have some theory in my head that bugged me quite long...but still, it`s being fuzzy and too far fetched...and as the ch. goes oda leaves us more clues and fact ..but,it`s getting hard for connecting all the dot..but that`s until i found this theory of what really one piece was on ap forums....


    but still that does not explain why the WG need to conceal the history..yeahhh maybe they doing atrocities, possible genocides, and crimes against humanity that needed to be covered up a bit.but That STILL wouldn't explain why revealing all that would cause a huge war that the WG is fearing. . .

    and then i found a theory about the D`s...

    Here's the picture for volume 27 as reference.

    Volume 27 could just be a special case, but this could also mean volume covers are significant which has implications for the volume 25 cover (the cover with Sengoku's pet goat in the center and the digger dude that Buggy ran into on the island with the skull).

    and would be creepy if Luffy's wink on Volume 27 really did mean something. "Hey, readers, I'm looking right at you and hinting at something really important. And smiling of course."

    and that theory got me thinking..what ..what if that the WG want to protect wasn`t the past...what if the one the World Government wanted to protect is the future...their future.....

    rehashing the theory..but my take ;
    - Moon folk abandon moon cause the lack of resources, leave ruins of their civilization (Say around 200,000 years ago)
    - They land on the planet
    - Some end up on the clouds, others end up on the surface
    - the ones in the clouds (Future Skypeia) keep the wings, although they apparently become vestigial
    - The ones on the surface mixed with the `unwinged` local,loses their wings and became entirely new Race,they are the D`s
    - they create a kingdom (probably shandora) with their knowledge the kingdom became powerfull and major.
    - The kingdoms of the people originally native to the planet start fearing the kingdom
    - The other kingdoms band together and defeat them during the Void Century, World Government formed
    - some of the people from the race survived, because of the massive hunt of the D`s survivor, the survivor split up around the world but can still keep communicate with each one of them by some means.
    - the survivor create the ancient weapon, hide it.and leave the clue in poneglyph in order to avoid the WG seize it.
    - some of the survivor flee far enough and ended in raftel.
    - realizes that raftel is almost impossible to reach.they make the rio poneglyph that explain the truth behind the void century and 'One Piece" in there.
    - Years upon years later the history forgotten and the WG establishes a new world order, seeing the D`s wasn`t a threat anymore they leave the few who survive.
    - Roger, descendant of the kingdom, reaches Raftel and finds the Rio
    - finding the truth but realize he can`t do the task that left by his ancestors due to the illnesss.he decided to pass on the 'will of D" to the others
    - roger execution.the pirate era began

    okay..i know there`s some hole in there but heres my explanation....One Piece it`s not some treasure`s a collection of the information regarding the D technology,a way to read the poneglyph,the devil fruit origin (yes ...i think that the devil fruit was invented by the D`s...BB anyone),and maybe some powerfull technology to topple the WG.the poneglyph is hard to decipher that`s why the ancestor lave the means to decipher it.if not, there`s no point to find it.

    first time i think that One Piece is just a way to read the poneglyph,but if that`s really the case doesn`t that mean the SH already have it (nicole robin) that`s why i think the OP just not contain the poneglyph explanation.but some more stuff.

    rayleigh once mention..if he explain everything about the void century the crew will reach a different conclusion,rather then they find it themselves...i guess roger have come to a decision that the WG need to be an act of revenge for their ancestor (although i know it`s plausible knowing how roger was) and bring back the balance of the world and true peace....

    but knowing his life is short.roger need to do that act,even his act attract many people/pirates to search the secrets.what he really wait are the D`s .as stated by White Beard

    so that`s is the true form of ONE PIECE. it will give wealth,fame and importantly POWER...big enough to overthrow the current government....that`s why the WG feared it....they do everything they can so no one finds it.taboo on the poneglyph labelled any pirates as criminal even though they only sail to find one piece.everything to makesure their future so there will be no one will stand with enough power to overthrow them as the ruler.especially the D`s

    i guess that s is the SH will face ...the important decision,to fight the WG or leave them be......

    my take too that sengoku know all about it.when whitebeard says the ONE PIECE is indeed exist.

    sengoku probably concluded that the WG, despite being hideously corrupt, was the best system the world could possibly have. And this'd be backed up by whatever happened in the void century (nuclear holocaust, ect). The World Government might be autocratic and brutal but he feel this brutality is the only thing keeping the world orderly and safe.

    Luffy will reach Raftel, learn the history and then face a choice over whether to destroy the government or not. But, seeing as a key theme of One Piece is surpassing all competition, Luffy will disagree with (and thus surpass) Roger and remain optimistic about humanity. He'll believe that people can sort out their problems without any authoritarian government telling what to do. As such, he'll move to destroy the World Government so he can achieve a sea where anyone can have the freedom of a pirate king.

    anyway that`s my 2 cent.

    feel free to comment anything you want about my take or anything else.(fiuuu..glad to take that outta my head)

    Peace out.
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