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    Such an iron badass. Gazille is so awesome it hurts.

    The henchmen came as a huge surprise, like everyone else I thought Gazille would waste them but it was the exact opposite. Levy's solid script also seems to be a versatile magic. I hope one chap she goes Objection!

    Gotta love the growing relationship between her and Gazille. The iron script with a heart in the middle was the icing on the cake. She's fallen for him HARD! Can't wait to see Gazille go full-on Dragonslayer on those guys next chap.

    Fairy Tail's going to have some serious trouble this arc. Lots of people have already brought this up but a losing effort wouldn't be so bad, considering who they're up against. It also saves battles for later like Lucy knowing there's an evil stellar spirit, and Gray finding out his master's supposedly dead daugther has joined up with the most powerful dark guild.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Haha, like the heart in the middle of the o in iron.. too bad gajeel didnt notice it. :-/

    Pretty good chapter for a start in the war.. Why did everyone think those 2 characters would be really weak? I figured they would be a decent match for levy and gajeel.. but they are still stronger than i imagined, i guess, but gajeel looked like he was taking it somewhat easy.. I just wonder how much stronger the ones shown in the ship are than those 2.. o.O

    Yeah, levy can fight pretty well.. her magic it nice.. its just her level compared to the others i figured was lower.. and it seems like it still is, so far.. Though i wonder about cana, but i still want to believe she is stronger than shown so far. lol

    Summoning edible iron and fire for DSs.. thats just an awesome combo for DSs..
    Btw, Wendy is kinda screwed here, right? She cant really eat wind.. can she? If she can, then its just unfair.. But i dont see it.. So i guess it balances out when you consider she has healing and wind powers..

    They said when the whole guild arrives.. How many are in it? Are there a bunch of weaker ones along with the strong ones weve seen? I guess we did see a lot of underlings behind meldy, but i figured those might meldy's spirits or henchmen or something like that, maybe someone elses henchmen.. as they were all dressed alike.. Now i am thinking they might not be.. Itd just be weird if they were all of Grimoire Hearts lower-class mages.. Well, i guess its just the cloaks.. Mashima might have done that to save time, actually.. Meh..

    If those are mages of GH then i wonder what FT is gonna do to counter them.. Will their lower-class mages come out to help? I could see it seeing as gildartz and freid both left.. Although erza could be the one to take all of them on.. She has had that role before.. :-/

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    Maybe I am just over-analyzing this page, but does it seem to anyone else that Gajeel might be blind or have a severe vision impairment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenji View Post
    Maybe I am just over-analyzing this page, but does it seem to anyone else that Gajeel might be blind or have a severe vision impairment?
    Over analysing, I reckon he's just pumped he can use his ears to help him fight, and just letting them know it.

    I love the last two pages, Gajeel is absolutely rocketing up my fave character list.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dct21 View Post
    really nice chapter, did anyone see the love symbol in the "O" lol.
    Wow I'm as stupid as Gajeel I didn't even notice it....well I was skimming through it this morning so meh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Chaos View Post
    I didn't it as Gajeel getting owned but I saw it as a chance for Mashima to strengthen the relationship between Gajeel and Levy. Gajeel will probably end up owning somebody important later on in the battles. I eventually think that later on in the series Gajeel will block Levy from a deathblow and die in the process, causing everyone in FT to flip out and beat the shit out of whoever they are fighting. Can't wait to see Gajeel go all out next week.
    This was real funny, was picturing this reading it.

    Gajeel has another chapter for himself next week? IronSoul wasn't there one for Natsu back during Orecian Seis chapter? I don't really think will see him using a beast technique on these guys though. Bashing FT on being cliche is well stupid, this manga is drawn and written closely fan service.

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    WOW great chapter gajeel was just epic. also loved levy putting a heart in the iron that was cute. can not wait to see a gajeel style beat down this is going to be epic.
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    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    As much as I nitpick and be an asshole, this was an awesome chapter by FT's standards. Unlike the OS in where they showcased thier power(it was lame), this one did not feel forced. In fact, these guys show how powerful the Grimore Hearts guild is. Really good setup. It also helps that their powers are silly and not really generic and serious-ish.

    I also liked Levy's role. Much better than that forced setup from last week. She acted when she needed to, and followed the best order in the current situation.really like how Levy molded the Iron... Especially the "O". "Heart of Steel", "A Hearty Breakfast", "You steel my heart", "My love for you is as hard as iron". Oh wait...

    I'm hoping Hiro does not derail this setup later on.... This arc already has the potential to mop the floor with the Phantom Lord arc.

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    i think the CH members are stil to strong for gajeel but maby then panter lil come and tag along whit gajeel and they pown them.

    btw isnt thet chiken guys powers simular to the seed guy(forgot his name) in lewys team.
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    I always feel "fired up" after reading a Fairy Tail chapter.

    Hope Gajeel makes them feel the same regret he felt for picking a fight with FT. Im glad we saw some new stuff from Levi.

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