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    Piece of crap, so far shippuuden only has one good episode 26, it just keeps on failing and failing. This ep was only half bad though, they had some interesting parts except.

    Recapped gais team winning, we've already seen that.
    Sakura and Chiyo leaving Sasori's place, we've seen that.
    Naruto and kakshi juumping more trees, seen that.

    And they just extended ever scene horribly and recapped deidara telling naruto gaara is dead for like the fifth time, now we have to wait three weeks or someting until we get another installment of Utter Crap.

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    Naruto and kakshi juumping more trees, seen that.
    Not only is it just weird that there's trees criss-crossing over a river between two mountains, but they've been going for like miles now. >_>

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    but why agian a break comon fight
    manga's and anime i follow or followed

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    yeah, they've been taking a lot lately and they finally get back only to give another break. And Kendoki, it should totally be considered an error that they are jumping so many trees across two cliffs for so long, so lame.

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    oh my lord! why is the naruto anime now being animated by 4th graders! The drawings are honestly unsatifactory. DID YOU SEE NARUTO'S FACE AFTER HE WENT KYUUBI! I no longer watch the anime for pleasure, I watch it to see how badly they can draw each episode as it gets worse and worse each time.

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    yeah the drawing aint good at all

    compare this
    YouTube - Gaara VS Rock Lee part 1

    and that
    YouTube - Naruto Shippuden ep 29 - 30 Eng Sub part 3

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    yeah the drawing is going straight downhill since the valley of end fight between naruto and sasuke but the accident called narutos face in kyubi mode in the last episode was a real horror i hope it was just a failure or a first try and wont ocur again.
    But all animes are like OMG its (fill in wathever crap ya want) and then the face of (whatever hero) for 5 minutes and then the fave of (whatever antihero) for 5 minutes how they stare at each other...

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    another episode could have been fit in if they didnt have kakashi aiming for 30 mins, seriously that was like the whole episiode, him aiming his sharingan, I mean WTF happened in these episodes...nothing OMG deidara "died" and thats all thats happened.

    what is the studio doing, they are taking breaks every other week now, seriously 2 weeks until another episode, and a week before this one, they have time to animate well, but they suck at life and are lazy

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    i personally found the fight between team gai and deidara was the best part; the team just kept on trying to hit him and failed. deidara kept on fighting on with a kunai in his mouth and no arms; he earned his right to be in akatsuki.

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