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    Naruto Naruto 516 Discussion / 517 Predictions

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    Nice chapter not much new but it's a nice speech
    Plz just ignore the bad english

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    Senior Member Titokhan's Avatar
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    some of the lineart for the movement was a bit iffy, but otherwise a great chapter. Kabuto has limits.. i wonder how much he'll limit some of the pawns.

    Gaara's speech made the whole chapter, you have to think some little aspect of Naruto's personality got added into him when he helped Chiyo revive him. As that felt a lot more like something Naruto would say
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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    I just liked the first part where we see the enemies, especially Zabuza. Nothing much for this chapter.

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    Great speech by Garra

    Agreed - Good to see some limitations to Kabutos jutsu
    Oh, the emotional battles that will come.. yikes!

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    H+ xioaxioa's Avatar
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    Honestly, the speech sucked. I know no one will agree with me, but that doesn't matter. The speech even Demotivated me for this War. If I was there I would have been like "Forget this, I'm going home". Now if Robert Kennedy was there! Holy shit, even the Zetsu Army would team up with him! Other than the speech, seeing the old faces was awesome. If anyone is able to break free of Kabuto's control, it would have to be Zabuza; not out of will power, but just straight up power.

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    Senior Member joshecalpoly's Avatar
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    It seems naruto has already changed the world through gara, not what I expected but what an incredible rally speech before war never knew strong silent gara had it in him (Its mostly incredible just because honestly its better then I expected) he was properly crowned kage and now general. Still as far as speeches outside of Naruto go its slightly above average but it does get points for emotion

    ^Well if RK was as good at rallying for violence as he was preventing it Ild say thats possible

    (^Best speech ever^)

    I just dont want an emo shikamaru to come from this that would be so out of character
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    Let the war begin damnit! Am starting to like Naruto now! :3
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    That "Root" that Sai's brother or whatever that he had in that book way back?

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    going nuts Lost_By_THE_Sword's Avatar
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    When the edo tensei corpses are keeping their minds, it will be more power on the Akatsuki side, while Kishimoto kept his bailout strategy for not killing important characters.

    IDK yet what to think about kabutos proclamation that they will be under his full control later after lossing their minds... this would overpower this char just too much IMO.

    I'm still keeping too my prediction of last week with using sasuke as the turning event in the war.
    I wont beleive that EDO TENSEI would be so uber-powered, because then it shoul have been part of the Rokudaime arsenal from the start, and even would make Rinnegan and Sharingan look like disposable skills!! Just like Oh my sharingan user was just killed, lets find a random person stuff him into a coffin and get the sharingan back to the battlefield, if your shopping in a supermarket for Ninjutsu weapons!!!

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