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    Bleach Bleach 426 Spoilers

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    Credits: Sheetz @ FLOL
    Verification: Confirmed

    ぶっころせ!!と石田に襲い掛かろうとする不良のひとりをイチゴがとっ捕まえて関節技を決めて カウントを取 り始める。
    One of the delinquents rushes at Ishida and screams that he'll kill him. Ichigo takes him down with a judo move and starts counting.
    "What the hell are you doing" the delinquent named Kobuda screams to his subordinate. "That's Kurosaki!"
    カウントを数える一護を後ろから蹴る石田。何しにきたという石田に、オメーを引っ込ませに来た んだよ!とい う。
    Ishida kicks Ichigo from behind. "Why did you come here!" he asks. Ichigo answers, "I came to draw you back."
    二人の会話に、お前が黒崎かぁああ!!と叫ぶ小不田を二人同時に顔面に拳をくらわせのしてしま う。
    During their convo Kobuda yells, "You're Kurosaki?" Both Ishida and Ichigo punch him in the face.
    何事もなかったようにカンケーねーやつは引っ込んでろ、さっきボクも関係者になったんだ!、生 徒会長なんだ から立場を考えろと文句をいいあう二人。
    You shouldn't butt into things that don't concern you! It became my business a little while ago, when you consider that I became the student council president.
    そこに残りの不良がお前は俺たちとモメんだろうがぁ!!と襲い掛かってくるが、文句を言い合い ながら不良を 一掃していく二人。
    The remaining delinquent says, "Your fight is with us!!" and rushes them. The two of them sweep him away as they continue to argue.
    From their convo it appears Ishida started exterminating hollows after receiving a request from Urahara's shop.
    "ここで虚の話とかはするな、あとでメールしろと石田。オメーのメアドなんてしらねーしいつ買った んだと一 護。
    This isn't the place to discuss hollows. Email me later," says Ishida. "Since when have I known your email address?" says Ichigo
    前に裏腹の手伝いをしたときにもらったんだと携帯を見せ付ける石田だが、それ多分こっちでつか えねぇぞと突 っ込まれる。
    Ishidas shows Ichigo the mobile he was given when he was Urahara's assistant but says that most likely it can't be used here.
    そこに黒崎ぃ!久しぶりだなぁ!とさらに不良が。俺のカオを覚えてるだろぉ!?という相手をな んとか思い出 そうとするが、
    "That's Kurosaki! Long time no see!!" says the delinquent. "Don't you remember my face?" Ichigo tries to remember.
    "Yoki-chin! Yoko-chin!" he cries. That's all Ichigo can remember.
    After Yoko-chin was beaten by Ichigo his father was transferred and so he moved away. He's back after 4 years.
    Yoko-chin tries to attack him but he's kicked in the head from behind.
    The mystery person sweeps away the remaining delinquents. "Looks fun, Ichigo-chaaan!"
    誰だ?とイチゴに声をかける石田。店長・・・!と一護が叫ぶと、テキトーな理由でサボりやがっ てもうゆるさ ねーぞ、おとなしくさらわれろ!!と叫ぶ。
    "Who's that" asks Ishida. "Boss..." says Ichigo. "I won't let you play hooky anymore. Now behave yourself!!" she cries.
    "No way!!" answers Ichigo. In an instant she grabs ichigo, tosses him into her van and drives off.
    Ishida stares with wonder. "Who is that who can carry Kurosaki away in an instant!"
    Students who witnessed it tell the teacher that Kurosaki has been stolen away.
    一護を縛ったまま店のソファーに放る女。テープ放せという一護に、逃げないならはがしてやると 応える。
    The woman tosses a tied up Ichigo onto a sofa. Ichigo says to remove the tape. She says she'll remove it if he doesn't run away.
    その時電話が鳴り受話器をとる女。電話の内容はうなぎ特上二人前を頼むというものだったらしく 、
    The telephone rings and the woman picks up the receiver. It's somebody calling for two orders of special unagi.
    うちは鰻屋じゃねぇ!そういう店名だ!と応える。その電話の内容に、何度もいうけど店の名前変 えたほうがい いぜと一護。
    "This isn't an unagi house!" she responds. Ichigo says he's told her many times she should change the name of the store.
    She says she refuses to change the important name passed down through generations.
    女の名前はなんでも屋「うなぎ屋」店主 鰻屋 育美。あんたと呼ぶ一護にイクミさんってよべと 育美。
    The woman's name is Unagiya Ikumi. Ichigo calls her "you" and she says to call her "Mikumi-san."
    During their dialog Ikumi hands Ichigo some commissions to carry out. Ichigo says she can do those types of things herself.
    She says she's busy with other matters. Why does he think she hired him?
    その時扉の向こうでママーどこー?という声。まずい!と叫ぶ育美、被っていた帽子をとり、髪を 解きエプロン をつけるイクミ。
    Just then there's a cry of "Mama, where are you?" from the other side of the door. "Oh, no!" Ikumi cries. She takes off her hat and let's down her hair. She puts on an apron.
    Suddenly the door knob turns and the door opens. Ikumi's daughter Kaoru appears, saying she's hungry.
    Ikumi's tone of voice completely changes. "Are you ok, Kaoru-chan?"
    Kaoru looks at Ichigo. "Oh, stupid Kurosaki's here. Why'd you come?
    Mama's a pretty lady, so don't you get too familiar with her!" She sticks her tongue out and pulls down her eyelid.
    そんな馨を向こうの部屋にいくよう促すイクミ。そのあと、イチゴに、ごめんね、あの子あんたに だけはいつま でもなつかないのね。言いたい事あるだろうけどガマンしてやってねと謝るイクミ。
    Ikumi tells Kaoru to go to the other room. Then she apologizes to Ichigo. That child's never going to become attached to you. It seems you want to say something but I don't have the patience.
    "It doesn't interest you that I have something to say?" says Ichigo, feeling insulted.
    さっさと仕事いってこい!というイクミ。その時チャイムが鳴り、イクミが出るとこの間一護が助 けた大柄な男 が。だが少し雰囲気が違う。
    "Time to go to work!" says Ikumi. The clock chimes and as Ikumi is leaving the big man Ichigo helped appears. But his mood has changed.
    一護があんたこないだの・・・!というと男は手に持っていた出前らしきラーメンをみせ、ラーメ ン、食うか? と一言。
    Ichigo says he's the guy from the other day. The man holds out some ramen. Ichigo takes a looks questioningly at the food.
    "You're wrong, this is an unagi house," he says. Ikumi screams, "This is not an unagi house!" Next chapter.
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    Bleach Bleach 426 Spoilers Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!
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    This shit sounds stupid, move this story along.

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    Another ho hum chapter ....

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    Back at chapter 0.
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    ... What is this crap? Was the pacing for Bleach always this slow? How about progressing the story for a change? And is the unagi thing supposed to be a joke? Move it along, Kubo!

    I believe your first line counts as complaining. lol
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    Lovely, MORE characters for Kubo to sweep under the rug.

    I'm not complaiming, but still.

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