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    this is a manga, where i almost like all of the charcters. but the ones i like most would probably be allen and tyki, after them i think it is lavi ^^

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    Allen is my most favorite. Then... it would be Lavi and Miranda.

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    Hmmm, my top 5 list is:
    1 _ Allen (Kyaa!! I love this one!!)
    2 _ Lavi (as I´m reading the newest chapters, I like him more and more)
    3 _ Kanda (he only appears twice in the manga, but you can never forget about him XD)
    4 _ Lenalee (she is kinda cute)
    5 _ Fou (an amazing character XD!!)

    But its true that, in this manga, is easy to like all the characters...

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    My favourite characters in DGM
    .. well thats of course Tyki Mikk (dunno why^^),
    close to him on the second place is.... Allen.. next Linalee (somehow she's cute), Lavi and the earl's umbrella (that is just cool )

    But its true that, in this manga, is easy to like all the characters...
    To me it was realy pretty hard to decide my favourits because I like most of the DGM characters.

    Looks like Im a typical victim of this manga -.--
    Naruto, Bleach, OnePiece, D.GrayMan.. I have read them all and its sad to say but now Im constrained to read them

    Im sorry for my bad english :/

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    Kanda Yuu... he just pwns

    80% of all girls and 60% of all boys who watch D. Gray Man like allen....
    That may not be entirely accurate but it's close enough

    I don't understand why so many ppl don't like Kanda as much...

    I mean is it because he's so stereotypical? I don't think that's fair

    I mean the guy barely got any screentime before he was wiped off the face of the manga world we call Jump XD (well there is still the tiny hope he might be alive tho)

    Besides w/o him who's going to beat up on Allen?
    I <3 Katsura Hinagiku

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    i think most people dont like kanda, because kanda doesnt like allen xP

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    Rhode, untill she fell in love with Allen

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    My favourite characters are:

    Just kidding. For real:

    Thanks Bushidodude for the sig and avatar!

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    This isn't really in order of who I like best. Just my favorites:

    1) Lavi
    2) Cross
    3) Allen
    4) Timcampi
    5) Tiki
    6) Bak

    Kinda awkward having "Top 6" rather than "Top 5" like usual. I guess I'm more unique like that? :laugh

    Edit: I kicked Kanda out. He's number 7 now. My views of all the characters changed after thinking a lot of things through.
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    Gen. Cross, the man never pays for anything and Allen is his only disciple (who would be my fav. if not for Cross)

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