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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Yeah but i mean Itachi is a genius its like hes so genius he might be one of the few Edo who know how to over come the contract. I mean come on you could see that happening Itachi breaking free and removing the kunai from his head and pulling an Aizen on Kabuto.

    Kubuto: Now go Itachi kill!
    Edo Itachi: .....
    Kabuto: Did you hear me I sai...
    *Edo Itachi removes the kunai from his head
    Kabuto: ????
    Edo Itachi: Since when where you under the impression you could control me?
    Kabuto. O.o
    Ok ur going too far with this bullshit. They all will fight a full capacity and Kabuto also doesn't have to puppet them during battle. The only time he's referring to controlling them is in their zombie mode. After he puts the tag in their heads they go to 100%+ and do his bidding either with or without their personalities.
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    Never say never every jutsu can be countered just as summoned animals can reverse summon themselves there may be a way for an Edo summon to kill the summoning contract provided they have the skill and the will no rhyme pun intended.

    Anyways pics are up!!

    I know what Ao and Ino-senior are doing he is using his water jutsu so that Ino-senior can use that as a crystal ball for the jutsu the 3rd and Great toad sage used called Toomegane no jutsu - Telescopic Observation technique.

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