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    Possibly.. but aizen showed ichigo that the distance didnt even matter.. He didnt even get that far away. Isshin actually hid and put up a barrier..

    Why would he mention "their blood" in a situation like that? Unless, by some chance he was talking about ichigos move that didnt matter.. but i just dont really wanna believe that at this moment. :-/
    But i guess when you look at how he said that they both put distance in between them, i can see that he wouldnt mean anything of it. But i am a little bias cause i would rather believe he meant something about the kurosaki line.. he has supposedly known ichigo since birth.. to know such a thing, he should have known isshin, somewhat at least..

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    Pretty good episode. It seems it's catching up with the manga at a steady rate.
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    Lmao, great to see the animation of Isshin flicking Aizen. If we don't get any fillers, the next episodes will be awesome.

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