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    Lol it's not that serious. A thread is up, and would have been anyway without a mislabeling. Its all the same discussion.
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    Great chapter. Natsu vs Zancrow, am waiting for it to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    I forgot, but was it mentioned that the creator of fairy tail was "resting" there or dead there, because if its "resting" there's a chance he'd somehow show up/revive, along with zeref.
    I think that was part of the riddle. Makarov v. Hades seems like a given still perhaps we will see the creator of Fairy tail fight Zeref (assuming he wasnt the first master of Fairy Tail) or Mest if that is the case. I honestly was under the impression he was still alive even when he said grave. Granted when you say resting place it usually means where they are buried

    Since noone has commented on the last one I will say what I mean only 2 ways I can think Zeref and the original Master are at rest on the Island either they fought there long ago and the result was them being at rest on the island or the 2 are one in the same. Something happened to the original master to make him Zeref or possibly a multiple personality disorder.
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    Haha, already a thread made, sorta.. but it was more just mislabeled.. oh well..

    Levy does seem to be falling for gajeel.. but for some reason i dont really want it as much as others.. I have no idea why..

    Natsu might get some new clothes to match his scarf.. O.o He apparently cares about his attire very much.. s-class mage with some new clothes in the near future?? :-p

    Also, gray would get owned by ultear still, i think.. Erza would be a better match.. But she will probably be the one going after zeref to awaken him.. she is the sneaky one with all sorts of magic.. Ultear might just get to fight against the emo-guy/wannabezeref person..could be interesting.. seems like she might fight a FT mage after/during, but id say that the kid would be nearby, at least..

    Also.. Meldy.. Totally Wendy.. That was my first thought when i saw her.. The kiddies of each guild should fight.. :S We should get to learn more about mest in the process, too... With whatever actions he takes..

    Hmm, i was thinking.. it might have something to do with a different meaning of grave.. Which would mean itd be really hard for us to figure out, seeing as this hint would be in the japanese word.. But well, i first saw it and thought it might be.. but was that makarov sitting at the grave drinking in that picture at the beginning of 208?? ( i think its that chapter) He got there really fast, i wonder if it was close by.. if thats the grave, at least..
    Also, in 207, i think this is a typo, but i will mention anyway.. Zeref/emo-boy says that this island is administrated by the guild.. because evergreen says its ran by our guild and that he cant be here.. But he says the and not a.. so is he a part of it? Or did he just already know that its related to FT but didnt seem to know they administrate it, so its a bit weird.. guessing its just a typo.. because him saying the might imply he is in it, too.. :-/
    Tch, lucy figured it out after cana said "when people die, they turn into stars" or w/e.. makes me think shes going to go with the "when people die" part.. and if hes dead, hed be in the island.. so this island is his grave.. she just needs to find master to tell him or some shit.. That, or the stars part.. made her think itd be way up at the top of the island, or at the base where it starts to grow up.. as in him going up towards the stars or something..
    Although, we first heard that he was just resting, but now hes supposedly dead, so i dunno.. Ill stop there with my crazy ideas because i somehow have more of them.. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    Great chapter. Natsu vs Zancrow, am waiting for it to happen.
    yeah i am still thinking that zancrow is the artificial fire dragon slayer dont you guys think
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    If that Zancrows fire is just normal fire magic then Natsu would devour him in just a few seconds. You all seem to be forgetting how Natsu eats fire.

    lol at Gajeel "I just wanna punch Salamander and Erza". He and Levy make a good couple.

    I wonder how Grimoire are going to counter Zerefs kill all living things near me magic.

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    Zeref's probably got some inner demon / dual personality that makes him evil.

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    inside the great spirit
    great chapter
    looks like it wil be some mest action in next chapter
    wil be interesting to see how Gajeel and levi wil fight together

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    Yeah, i doubt his fire is normal.. I wonder if it will be lava or some shit.. (ace vs akainu.. oh noes! :-p )

    It definitely looked like a more evil fire, at the very least.. But thats probably because of the user..
    He could end up facing gray, especially if his fire is normal.. That way natsu doesnt get a free victory.. Although, it could be interesting to see natsu eat evil fire.. Evil natsu for a while would be interesting.

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    New chapter is out. I found it to be good until we got to the part with Gajeel and Levi, Levi just randomly freaks out, as if Gajeel doesn't always act like that.This is a manga. A girl complained that a guy didn't notice her, then got mad/embarassed and ran away, thinking "I hate him!" then gets into trouble, and said guy saves her. Could this be any more cliche? Probably not.

    Also, if she sucks so much and needs Gajeel to protect her, why nominate her for S-Class?

    and,Wow.. A Grimore Heart has a Natsu clone.with akainu power...meeehhhhhh

    But still, this arc hasn't fallen flat yet. here's hoping it doesn't??

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