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    Sasuke first!

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    Its pointless discussing about who will die ! They will all get revived afterwards anyway ! Except Akatsuki ofcourse
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    I want Neji to die soooooo bad!! As my favorite character who also isn't used much I want him to die an AWESOME hero's death saving like the fucking world or something!! I want him to make that final sacrifice for the Will of Fire to burn with its new Hokage! Sadly I think that sacrifice will be made by Sasuke :(
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    I do think that Neji will die. I see him sacrificing his life for Hinata. The same way his dad sacrificed his life for the main branch of the clan. That would be so dramatic since he hated Hinata so much in the past that he almost killed her. This will show his change of heart. So Naruto will forever be indebted to Neji for saving the Hokage's future wife... hehehe

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    Guy is dying for sure.
    Kage's will die...

    If Madara wins, everyone dies...

    Yeh they're all dead

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    For the first time in a long time, they are gonna experience...


    For the first time in a long time, they are gonna experience...

    No wonder you are nervous Hinata.

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    those who must die are half of the young ones, except naruto shikamaru sakura and shino, more than half of the jonins, maybe except kakashi, and pretty much all kages, except gaara ofcourse, leaving the place for the new generation

    that is from all the vilages, not only the leaf

    the first from leaf who dies will be lee or gai, depends if gai is away from lee

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    Tsunade and Kakashi have to go at some point in order for Naruto to become Hokage, so what better oppotunity than war to clear the way for Naruto to take charge of the leaf, Kakashi may live, but Tsunade has to go.

    Gaara has to live IMO, due to him belonging to the new generation that will lead the change on the ninja world.
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    Unhappy my thoughts

    all the sensais are going to die but if some one survive it may be kuronai due to the fact she cant fight until she can give birth
    also I see that the raikage well die trying to save his brother but failing resulting in the capture and death of both
    madara is going to murder tsunade his eternal enemy since she is a senju
    also that other old kage also going to die
    not to forgot the parents of the younger generation
    baki well die defending garra also I suspect that guy in the interrogation squad also going to die not to forget yamato and anko
    from the young generation sai well die also may be cankoru
    but I suspect that other female kage well survive beside garra
    this is so depressing

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    I don't think all the old people will die. Maybe a Cage or 2. a lot of unnamed ninja's, Hinata's cousin, probably 1 popular youth and a few teachers. The 8 tails will save naruto and get captured. Kabuto or the plant guy is toast. Yamato will gain control of the first hokage clone tree but might die saving everyone.

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