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Thread: War Match Ups!

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    Quote Originally Posted by feat View Post
    All those guys will have the abilities which they had before they died. So Itachi will have his MS, Nagato his Rinnegan and so on.

    I'm glad that he cannot revive the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th!
    And at least they cannot revive Hidan! Would be funny to have him back, but he is still alive, isn't he?
    I don't think Hidan had a soul since his introduction. His Jutsu seemed kinda hellish. I think he sold his soul for his immortality justu, which would explain why he had to kill people to stay alive.

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    Gaara is technically a former jinjurrichi (sp), so it might make a little sense to leave him out of any fight against the former hosts unless its more support based.. otherwise Naruto and Bee against the former hosts makes sense. Plus with the training Bee is giving Naruto, I doubt it would take more than the 2 of them against the 6 dead former hosts.

    Another possibility for someone for Dan to fight would be either Sakura (as it was Tsunade and Dan's idea to add med nin to squads) or perhaps Konohamaru (more as Kono is direct lineage to the 3rd)

    Artifice, I like your first fight..

    Nano, Gaara's dad wasn't the one with Iron Sand. It was the 3rd Kazekage (the one before gaara's dad. Gaara is the 5th Kazekage).

    Itachi/kakashi definitely has possibilities with Kakashi's MS.

    Any kind of Sasuke/Kabuchimaru or Naruto and Sasuke/Madara fight might have to wait for the VotE2 fight to conclude and Naruto to knock some sense into Sasuke to happen
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    He while the idea of this thread makes good sense there is something I wanted to point out that might have been lost due to the nature of doing match ups.

    Too put it simply I dont think the Edo summons are going to be running solo as they can easily be ganged up on and defeated. Instead much like the setup Akatsuki members had they are going to operate in teams and I'm more curious how those teams are going to be setup. We know Zabuza and Haku will work together but imagine if they add Kimimaru to their cell . Hell I always wanted to see Sasuke, Kimimaru and Haku work together now at least its a possibility even though unlikely.

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    it's clear and obvious.

    Deidara vs Sai. It's going to be an ART battle.

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