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    Great chapter. GTF outta here, Tsuchikage is actually carrying that big ass turtle, damn. That old man is no joke. Love the cover page, like how all of them (except for Naruto) have on their War attire, Naruto will probably put his on too at some point. It looks like Anko group found where Madara is keeping his multitude of Zetsu soilders. Bee teaching Naruto to use Kyuubi chakra to stack stones was cool. Am liking the new symbol for the Joint Army forehead protector. I think all the company captains fit perfectly well especially Inochi. Either Guy fainted because he still injured or surprised that Kakashi was picked a division general over him. Kabuto is bringing out so much old faces and some we have never seen before. Zabuza, Haku, Asama, Hanzou, Chijo from the Sand village, Kimimaro, Neji's Dad, Tsunade old boyfriend, Old Akatsuki members, former kages and Jinchuuki's. Madara is playing no games. The 4th ninja war is going to be insane.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost_By_THE_Sword View Post
    just some possible matchups:

    Like Phixion mentioned Asuma(C) vs. Shikamaru
    Kakashi vs. Itachi (C)
    Chio (C) vs. Sakura
    Zabusa (C) vs. Mifune
    Lee vs. Kimimaro (C)

    but who the hell is gonna take on Hanzo and the former Kages???

    I dont think so, since Jiraya needs the toads for his most powerful Jutsu, but they are definitely on Narutos Side / the Sannin will be left out since Oro stays within Kabuto
    Don't forget Neji vs his Dad.

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    I can't wait!

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    wow amazing chp. finally have a reason to post in the naruto section. i wonder how kishi is going to put the fight s in the manga. is he going to do full solo fight or pages of each small battles. cant wait to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquadZero View Post
    So at least we found out where Kabuchimaru was for all that time he was missing...Digging up every damn strong ninja that ever lived.

    That technique goddamn fucking HAX! >__>

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    I wonder what the reanimated Former Jinchuuriki are going to do in battle without their Bijuu. Doesn't sound all that threatening, unless they're all on par with Sage Mode Naruto in their own right.

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    Anytime there is a break the next chapter is bound to be epic and this chapter did not disappoint.

    - The Tsuchikage has one of the most amazing jutsu's I have ever seen in Naruto

    - As I figured Sasuke eye's are still healing.

    - Anko's team found the Zetsu clones but I wonder if they get discovered themselves

    - Finally the last training session in controlling his Chakra

    - As I predicted Kabuto has researched Hashrima's cells so why not Uchiha's he has some kind of special poison he plans to use on Sasuke I bet. Possibly Tobi/Madara too...

    - Woot finally a new map showing Hotsprings but wtf is that Country labled Mist??? The Mist village is on an island did they mistranslate that???

    - For anyone who does not remember Rock country was seen in the anime fillers from Part 1 and is ruled by monks so they have a lot of temples and their are a lot of bounty hunters there.

    - Whats does that symbol of the joint ninja army mean?

    - Tenga is back

    - Gaara Commander army general I like the sound of that

    - Seeing all the divisions and Generals was really cool and reminds me of Bleach gotei 13.

    - Kitsuchi is Onokis son and that girls father interesting...

    - Shikamaru fans got be excited hes the a proxy general.

    - Holy crap Edo summons galore:

    *If we dont get to see the former Jinchuuriki host in battle then this is a crime!

    *From the Kages we see the 4th Kazekage, 3rd Raikage & the other is probably the 2nd Tsuchikage. ( He doesnt look like the Kazekages of the past we saw in statue form)

    * Beside Zabuza and Haku is a rock ninja maybe from the Kakashi gaiden arc??

    *I've always wanted to see Hanzou fight

    *He even brought back Tsuandes boyfriend Dan thats messed up. Along with Neji's dad.

    * I think its fair to assume Jiraiya is gonna be one of them as well.

    This chapter was too epic for words !!!!

    5/5 no question !

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    I agree --finally a chapter worthy of a comment. I've been critical of the manga for awhile now but I think it's finally alive.

    How do you defeat a team with oro and Itachi without Sasuke on the opposing team to balance things out? Kishi should respect the dead .

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    5/5 okay who is that kage with garra dad and the previous raikage? that damn kabuto using edo tensei to summon all those people i guess this will be a big shock to tsunade to see his former lover the same with team asuma and why haku is there.
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    And here I thought Kabuto's Edo Tensei would have some kind of limit. Now, I'm not too sure anymore lol. In any case, I like how Kishi has set the stage. I'm so looking forward to the potential matchups. This has the potential to really make or break the manga depending how Kishi works this all out. Also, there's plenty of potential for some really badass and awesome fights. Come on, Kishi!!! Make this war fuckin' awesome!!!!

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    Oh Man, what a great time to be alive! Too bad I'm dying of anticipation.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post

    - Whats does that symbol of the joint ninja army mean?

    5/5 no question !
    I thought it meant "Shinobi".
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    Holy F*cking Hell..........!!!!!!!!!

    This is soo messed up in many ways, they're going to be fighting against their love ones who've already passed away, that's the cheapest trick ever. I mean Shikamaru can't "kill" his mentor, and hell Tsunade won't obviously kill Dan and same goes for the rest..
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