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    i think people shouls remember that this is the start of a new story in bleach, it needs to take a few chapters to reintroudce the characters to show how they've changed and to show how things are different now.
    Yes it is a bit slow at the moment, but i dont think it would make any sence for there to suddenly be cero, bala's and full scale fighting simplyt popping out of no where. That stuff will happen soon enough, we just need to be patient (It can be really annoying being up to date.)
    I have to say I love Orihime's new hair style, but did anyone else notice she's not wearing her hair pins?

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    If Rukia isn't VC of the 13th Division, I'll be disappointed.

    I'm enjoying the new storyline so far, but I'll be glad once Ichigo gets his powers back.

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    Yay! Rukia 4 lieutenant!
    I still think its funny that Byakuya wouldn't allow Rukia a seated position in the 13 court guard squads because he thought it might be too dangerous yet he had no problem letting her and Renji into the very centre of Las Noches... gotta love Byakuya

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    Cool Episode.

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