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    Bleach Bleach 425 Spoilers

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    Source : 2ch & BA
    Credit : Sheetz

    Bleach 425:A day without Melodies

    Ichigo dreams of being awaken by somebody.
    There's a shadow that looks like Renji.
    Another shadow that looks like Byakuya.
    Another one that looks like Rukia.

    Then Isshin wakes him up for real.
    It's a hectic morning.

    At school.
    There's a meeting about invitations tor club activities.
    They talk about how many to make.

    Inoue: Being in high school is an idle existence.

    Ishida: This here is bad.
    Is Kurosaki here?
    What for?
    Raw Pics
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    Bleach Bleach 425 Spoilers Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!
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    Sounds utterly boring

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    yep, pure crap

    Sig and Ava by Imotochan

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    Source: Mangahelpers
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    Part 1
    source: FLOL
    credits: maaru

    Well, wait just a bit, I might finish this soon:

    543 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/11/02(火) 20:07:58 ID:Td/FvixtP
    レンジの影 いつまで寝てんだ一護! げんこつで起こすぞ!!
    Renji's shadow: You're always asleep, Ichigo! I'll wake you up with my fist!!
    ギャクヤ影 目を覚まさぬか 黒崎一護
    Byakuya's shadow: Open your eyes, Kurosaki Ichigo.
    ルキア影 このたわけ!起きろ一護!
    Rukia: This idiot! Wake up, Ichigo!

    Dream or reality... the voices that call Ichigo echo...

    一心 おっきろ~~ いっ
    Isshin: Wake up~~ I--chi
    Ichigo opens his eyes.
    一心 ゴオウ…
    Isshin: --goooo...
    Ichigo catches Isshin's foot and dangles him out of the window.
    一心 うおわー バッ バカかお前 バカかお前!? 父さん落ちたらどうすんだ!?死んだらど うすんだー! !?
    Isshin: Uwaaaah- I-idiot, what would you do if daddy fell?! What if daddy died?!!
    イチゴ 知るかよ 死んだらSSに行くんだろ
    Ichigo: Like hell I know. If you die you'll just end up in Soul Society.
    一心 ホウ 言うようになったじゃねえか
    Isshin: Hou~ Like you could say something like that now, huh?
    イチゴ 大体オメーが2階から落ちたくらいで死ぬかよ オメーのせいでヘンな夢見たんだ 詫び のつもりで  とっとと落ちろ
    Ichigo: Well, actually, you can't die falling from two storeys up. It's your fault I ended up seeing a weird dream. Now apologize or I'll drop you.
    Isshin's holding on to the window's curtain, but Ichigo tries to drop him anyway.
    一心 わー わー 止めろ!ほんと落ちちゃう!! へんな夢?どんな夢だ?
    Isshin: Wah, wah! Stop! I'm really gonna fall!! What strange dream? What kind of dream was it?
    イチゴ ポカーン  何だっけな 喋ろうとしたら忘れたよ
    Ichigo gets more pissed off: What the hell. Forget I talked to you.

    425 A day without melodies

    イチゴ で いくらだ?
    Ichigo: Well, how much is it?
    ガタイのいい男(柔道部) ご… 5000円
    Guy from Judo department: F-five thousand yen.
    イチゴ 一週間で5000円!?話しになんねえ 次!!
    Ichigo: 5000 yen every week!? Don't talk to me, next!!
    ひょろ男 ハイッ!サッカー部副部長里田です!黒崎先輩の力をお借りしたく…
    Thin guy: YES! Soccer department vice captain, [里田]! Please let us borrow Kurosaki-sempai's power...
    イチゴ いーから期間と金額を言え
    Ichigo: Fine, tell me how long and how much.

    水色教室ドア開けながら 一護ー ん?
    Mizuiro opens the door to the classroom.
    Ichigo: Hm?
    浅野 今商談中 のうちょいかかるぜ
    Keigo: He's in the middle of negotiations. It'll take a while.
    水色 あ そっか 前のバスケ部のレンタル期間終わったんだっけ
    Mizuiro: Ah. Is that so. So the Basketball club's rental from before just ended.
    浅野 まいったなー また一護遊んでくんなくなっちゃうよ
    Keigo: I give up. Ichigo's just playing around again.
    水色 普段遊んでもらってるみたいな言い方だね
    Mizuiro: That's something from someone's who's always just playing around, eh
    浅野 あ あああ 遊んでもらってますう!! 別にヒマすぎて一護のバイト先にカオだしてウザ がられたりと かしてないですう!!
    Keigo: Ah. Aaaaaaagh. Play with meee!! Otherwise, Ichigo's got too much fee time and I don't have to see see his annoying face before my part-time job!!
    水色携帯ピコピコ はいはい
    Mizuiro: *picking at his phone* Yeah, yeah.
    浅野 そもそも一護って あんなカネカネ言うタイプだっけ?
    Keigo: In the first place, I didn't think Ichigo would be the type to go around demanding money, huh?
    水色 卒業後の資金貯めてんじゃない?一人暮らしするための
    Mizuiro: Isn't he saving money for after graduation? So he'll be able to live on his own
    浅野 ええ!?ナニあいつ 家出んの?
    Keigo: Eeeeh? That guy's gonna move out of his house?
    The soccer guy and Ichigo are still negotiating. Chad might be a good keeper, huh
    水色 いやそれは知らないけど どっちにしても一護のお父さんて一護が何かするbのにお金貸す タイプじゃな さそうだし 今のうちにお金ためとくのはいいことだと思うけどね
    Mizuiro: Well, I don't know about that but, anyway, Ichigo's dad doesn't seem like he's gonna lend him money. So I think, maybe it's not a bad thing that he's doing it for money now.
    浅野 あー それは確かにそうかもな
    Keigo: Ah- Well, that's true.
    副 ありがとうございます!!
    Soccer guy: Thank you very much!!
    喜ぶサッカー部 泣く柔道部 ドヤ顔のイチゴ
    The soccer guy's happy, the Judo guy is crying, and Ichigo looks irritated.
    浅野 サッカー部で決まりか?いくらになった?
    Keigo: So you decided on the soccer club? For how much?
    イチゴ ナイショだ
    Ichigo: That's a secret.
    水色 いつから?
    Mizuiro: When?
    イチゴ 今日から!
    Ichigo: Today!

    Ichigo doing his warm up exercises in a stadium{?}
    タツキ あんたバスケは?
    Tatsuki: Doing basketball?
    イチゴ 先週で任務満了 オマエこそ部活どうしたんだよ?
    Ichigo: That one finished last week. What're you doing for club activities?
    タツキ あたしバイト 言ってなかったけ?先月からウチの道場で師範代やってんの
    Tatsuki: Part-time job. Didn't I tell you about that? Since last month, I'm our dojo's assistant instructor.
    イチゴ オマエが師範代かよ 道場やめててよかったぜ おめーを先生なんて ぜってー呼びたく ねえ
    Ichigo: Assistant instructor, huh. It's a good thing I quit Judo. I sure as hell don't want to call you Sensei.
    タツキ 今から力ずくでそう呼ばせてあげようか…?
    Tatsuki: And you think you're qualified to be called that...?

    544 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/11/02(火) 20:10:48 ID:Td/FvixtP

    It skips to Orihime humming a tune in the corridor.
    後輩A 井上先輩だ
    Kouhai A: it's Inoue Orihime.
    後輩B スゲーよなー 俺あの人見たとき この高校入ってよかった!って思ったもん
    kouhai B: She's incredible. When I see her, I keep thinking, it's great that I got into this school!
    後輩A 俺こないだカオ写ってる写メ撮ったぜ
    Kouhai A: Well, I got thi
    後輩B まじか!送れソレ!!
    Part 2

    source: FLOL
    credits: maaru
    544 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/11/02(火) 20:10:48 ID:Td/FvixtP

    It skips to Orihime humming a tune in the corridor.
    後輩A 井上先輩だ
    Kouhai A: it's Inoue Orihime.
    後輩B スゲーよなー 俺あの人見たとき この高校入ってよかった!って思ったもん
    kouhai B: She's incredible. When I see her, I keep thinking, it's great that I got into this school!
    後輩A 俺こないだカオ写ってる写メ撮ったぜ
    Kouhai A: Well, the other day I managed to get a picture of her face.
    後輩B まじか!送れソレ!!
    Kouhai B: You serious?! Send it to me!!

    井上 ん? ややっ!
    Inoue: Hm? Oh, it's been a while!
    窓から井上 黒崎くーーん!!たつきちゃーーん!!
    Orihime, calling out from the window: Kurosaki-ku~n!! Tatsuki-cha~n!!
    イチゴ おう井上…
    Ichigo: Hey, Inoue...
    井上 排水管ツタって降りてくる
    Orihime nearly falls and grabs onto a drainpipe.
    イチゴ バカあぶねエ
    Ichigo: Idiot, that's dangerous!
    タツキ パンツ見えるよ
    Tatsuki: I can see your panties from here.

    Tatsuki whacks Orihime with a fist.
    井上 痛い!!
    Inoue: Ouch!!
    タツキ あたりまえでしょ 今度あんな危ないことしたら もっと強くゲンコツするからね!!
    Tatsuki: Of course! That was really dangerous just now, I should hit you harder!!
    井上 今のより強く!? あたま割れちゃう!!
    Inoue: Harder than just now?! You'll break my head!!
    イチゴ そんなにギャイギャイ怒んなくてもいーだろ ケガしなかったんだから
    Ichigo: That's enough, don't get so roarin' mad now. At least she's not hurt.
    タツキ うるさい!織姫の教育についてガタガタ言われる筋合いないわよ!
    Tatsuki: Shut up! Don't go rattling off when Orihime's training doesn't concern you!
    イチゴ ガタガタ言ってねーだろ!井上がかわいそうだって言ってんだよ!!
    Ichigo: I'm not rattling on about it! I said it because Inoue looked hurt!!
    タツキ それがガタガタ言ってんの!!
    Tatsuki: That's why I said you don't need to rattle on!!
    井上 あ あのさ! あたし黒崎くんと たつきちゃんに相談があるんだけど!!
    Inoue: AH, Uhm! I have something to discuss with Kurosaki-kun and Tatsuki-chan!!
    タツキ イチゴ 相談?
    Tatsuki, Ichigo: Discuss?
    井上 うん 実わね…
    Inoue: Un. The truth is...

    井上 あたしが人生のテーマソングにしてる そのときどきで丁度いい位置にいる芸人さんをドレミにのせて応 援するワハハの歌なんだけど
    Inoue: I'm making my life's theme song. But sometimes it needs another performer to respond to the Do-Re-Mi by singing Wahaha at just the right spot, so...
    イチゴ 丁度いい位置って何だよ
    Ichigo: What, at the right spot...
    井上 実はさいきんハミングでしか歌ってないの
    Inoue: Actually, lately I can't sing anything but that song
    タツキ いいことないんじゃないの?
    Tatsuki: You can't think of anything good?
    井上 なんでだと思う?
    Inoue: What do you think?
    タツキ 成長したんでしょ
    Tatsuki: You need to grow up. *
    井上 残念
    Inoue: Sorry about that.*
    イチゴ うおおおお それどうやってんだ!?目が3みたいになってんぞ!?
    Ichigo: Uwoooooooh. And how're you gonna do that?! Grow 3 eyes or something?! *
    タツキ 織姫 顔芸上達したなあ…
    Tatsuki: Orihime, you're getting really good at using that face...*
    井上 正解は! ド の位置を どくろ団にするか どぶロックにするかで決めかねているからで したー どっ ちがいいと思う?
    Inoue: Correct answer! At 'DO's location should I put a bunch of skulls? Or a double-lock? I couldn't decide because I fell asleep- Which one do you think is good?*
    [*Trans note: **** IT. I spent several minutes going DDD: because I can't understand where the topic went - Either I badly need context or Orihime's randomness has beaten me! /sobs ]
    タツキ イチゴ どっちでもいい!
    Tatsuki, Ichigo: Either way is fine!!
    タツキ あ!そうだ!こんなことやってる場合じゃなかった!
    Tatsuki: Ah! Oh yeah! If it's that, then you can try that thing!
    井上 どうしたの?たつきちゃん
    Inoue: What is it? Tatsuki-chan.
    井上 バイト!織姫もあるんでしょ?早く帰んな
    Inoue: Part-time job! Orihime has one too, right? Hurry up and go home.
    [T/N: I think this is attributed to the wrong person. Orihime doesn't refer herself in the 3rd person, right? I think Ichigo or Tatsuki said it]
    イチゴ 大変だなーがんばれよー
    Ichigo: That's pretty hard-. Good luck with that-
    タツキ あんたも人ごとみたいなカオしてるけど ちゃんとバイト先に連絡したの?
    Tatsuki: You mess around with other people's stuff too but, why don't you at least tell her properly before her part-time job?
    Ichigo doesn't speak.
    タツキ あんた前もそれで店長さんにギッチギチにシボられたんでしょ! ちゃんと連絡しとかな いと知らない よー
    Tatsuki: You really pressured that store manager from before! At least tell her properly or she'll never know-
    [T/N: Ok, I'm a bit lost whose part-time job they're discussing, but it's a little serious all of a sudden.]
    副キャプテン 黒崎センパーイ そろそろ練習に参加してくださーい 黒崎せんぱー
    Soccer vice-captain: Kurosaki-sempai, please participate more with the practice exercises, Kurosaki-sempa-
    イチゴ キーパーグローブ投げて。。。。校舎裏に
    Ichigo: Oh, I lost the keeper's glove... gotta go behind the school building-

    電話 店長 馬鹿かっ お前自分が何言ってんのかわかってんのか!?先週休んでそのあと1日し か来てねえの に また一週間休むだあ!?
    Store manager on the phone: Are you an idiot? You can't even come here and tell me yourself? You've been on break last week, where you didn't even come for a single day at all, and now you want another week off?!
    イチゴ いや だからスイマセンて言ってるじゃないスか…
    Ichigo: No, that's why I said I'm sorry, didn't I...
    店長 謝まりゃなんでもオッケーになると思ってんのか!!ゆとりかテメーは!! いいから来い クビにすんぞ テメー!!
    Store manager: You think it'll be ok with just an apology?! Like I have patience for that!! Come here or get fired-!!
    イチゴ マジすか じゃあしょうがないッスね
    Ichigo: You serious? Oh well, nothing I can do 'bout that
    店長 え!?  イヤイヤ…オイ 何言い出してんの?一護ちゃん…
    Store manager: Eh?! No, no... Hey. What the hell are you saying, Ichigo-chan...
    イチゴ 俺みたいな不マジメな奴はクビになってもしょうがないって言ったんすよ ホントスイマ センでした  長い間お世話になりました
    Ichigo: Well, nothing you can do but fire a guy like me who can't be serious about the job, right? I'm really sorry. Thank you for all the time you took care of me.
    店長 長くないじゃん!まだ半年じゃん!!何でも屋の面白さはまだこれからでしょうよ!! 俺 達の冒険はま だまだ続くぜ
    Store manager: It wasn't a long time at all! It hasn't even been half a year!! Look, it hasn't been interesting in the store but from now on it'll be!! Our adventure is still going!
    イチゴ 携帯切りながら ご愛読ありがとうございましたー
    Ichigo: *while cutting off the phone line* Thank you very much-
    [T/N: WHAT.]

    545 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/11/02(火) 20:11:52 ID:Td/FvixtP
    >>543 >>544

    At the school gates.
    デブヤんキー  この学校に黒崎ってのがいるだろう!!出てこおい!!
    Fat delinquent: This school is where Kurosaki's at, huh?! Come out here!!
    イチゴ物影から 何だありゃ?いつの時代だよ あんな古風な知り合いいねーぞ
    Ichigo's shadowy silhouette: What the hell's this? When's the era you're from anyway, I don't know anyone this old-fashioned.
    デブヤんキー うちの奴がすいつに歯7本折られたんだよ!!7本てお前馬鹿か!! フツー折っ ても2本とか だろ!!
    Fat delinquent: Well, ya broke 7 of my teeth!! Seven, you bastard!!! It's usually just 2 at a time!!!
    イチゴ あー なるほど
    "Ichigo": Oh-. Is that so.
    デブヤンキー フフフ どっかで聞いてる黒崎よ!どうやって名前調べたんだとびびってガタガタ 震えてんだろ う! 甘めえんだよ!テメーはガッツリ顔見られてんだ!調べはいくらでもつくんだよ! ともか く黒崎!テメ ーが出てくるまで この校門は俺達宮工が封鎖するぜ
    Fat delinquent: Fufufufu, haven't ya heard, Kurosaki! How I prepared myself and investigated you, ya should be shaking a least a bit! Too naive!! I've come to see yer bastard face turn ghastly! How long I've prepared should be more than enough! And now, Kurosaki! Now that you've come out, you bastard, these school gates will serve as our blockade
    石田 君達 古臭い真似はやめないか みんな迷惑してるのがわからないのか? いや君達は黒崎 の友達にして は賢そうだ 僕の言う事くらい理解できるだろ? さあ さっさと帰るんだ
    Ishida: Won't you stop that old-fashioned style of yours. Don't you understand that you're bothering everyone here? No, well it's clever that you've found Kurosaki's friends. I understand that's what you were planning? Well then, hurry on home.
    ヤンキーB ああん?何んだ てめえが黒崎かあ?
    Delinquent B: Aaahn? What's this? Are you Kurosaki, you bastard?
    石田 …何だと?
    Ishida: ... What?

    石田、ヤンキーBに顔面パンチ ヤンキーB吹っ飛ぶ
    Ishida punches Delinquent B in the face, and he flies off.
    デブヤンキー ナメてんのかてめえ!!
    Fat delinquent: Ya makin' fun of us, ya bastard!!
    石田 舐めてるのかはこっちの台詞だ ガッツリ顔を見てるんじゃなかったのか?僕のどこが黒崎 だ?
    Ishida: That's my line. You wanted to see whose ghastly face, did you not? How the hell am I Kurosaki?
    デブヤンキー なんだこのメガネ!!
    Fat delinquent: What did you say, four-eyes?
    石田 前言撤回だ 帰らなくていい いや一人もここから帰れると思うな
    Ishida: I take back what I said before. You don't have to go home. In fact, I think you'll be walking home alone from here.
    イチゴ走り出す あのボケ 騒ぎデカクしに出てきたのかよっ!!
    Ichigo, running: That idiot, don't make such a big ruckus!!!

    校門の前には 足の影が。。。
    In front of the gates, the shadow of someone's feet...

    Everyday life, falling apart!! And what is the true form of these turbulent shadows...?!
    Til next week-
    背表紙は 藍前と小さくWW
    The spine seems to be a small front view of Aizen?

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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