Yeah.. But it isnt really like he didnt work for it.. Im thinking of it more as a bonus.. or that they somehow unlock his s-class magic or something.. I just thought itd be interesting if a guild does that ritual or w/e because stronger guilds would have even stronger s-class.. though they would naturally anyway, just thought it might be a good explanation to the power gap. But yeah, i was thinking more along the lines of when they reach s-class they somehow get stronger.. As in their s-class magic is unlock or bestowed upon them or some shit.. Itd just be a good way to explain and keep the gap of s-class FT mages and FT members.. Although, its almost completely pointless besides that point.. When i say unlock their s-class magic, it would probably be something more along the lines of just saying their magic is stronger and possibly a new magic.. not that itd be easy, but just well.. an explanatory buff.. :-/