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    Quote Originally Posted by SquadZero View Post
    Well first, Ichigo didn't lose just his shinigami powers, he lost all his reiatsu as well(normal people can have higher reiatsu as well, eg. Karin) which was allowed him to be able to see spirits in the first place, as kinda explained way back in chapter 1.

    Second, Kubo is not fucking his own canon because Ichigo did in fact say that he hoped Ishida wouldn't go overboard with killing hollows and get into trouble with soul society. SS is not entrusting Ishida to kill hollows, they have their own representative there. He just so happens to be incompetent to the point where Ichigo and friends would rather entrust the job to Ishida.
    what i mean is time reversing on ichigo

    But that's just what I'm trying to point out. I don't remember the series establishing that reiaitsu was necessary. As such, just because Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers, does not mean he can't see ghosts anymore.

    Which is why this is so stupid. Ichigo has seen ghosts all his life.

    And even if. Even if he should've lost his power to see ghosts, why is he being so emo about all this? He outright admits this is everything he ever wanted. Christ Ichigo, would it kill you to smile?

    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Fisher Tiger is a punk ass bitch.

    -----credit to Maximo for the kick ass ava----

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    daz bones.. that says precipice world.. isnt that also known as time chamber? or.. just where he trained with isshin for FGT, the place in between human and spirit world.. He spent a lot of time in there and his hair grew out.. she was just saying his time reversed to that point.. right?
    Though, that still wouldnt be the reason he cant see ghosts..

    But him losing all of his reiastu would mean he cant see ghosts.. Reiatsu is spiritual pressure, right? Without it, he shoudnt be able to see ghosts/hollows.. Remember what rukia said when they first met, even when he was a human? Something along the lines of, "He has a huge reiastu for a human." That explains why he can see ghosts.. Which also means karin has a good amount of spiritual pressure.. Dunno if that is a silent hint for something.. But think about it.. Ichigos friends all became spiritually aware because of ichigos leaking reiatsu and them being exposed to it.. Misaki's might have even grown a little bit just by being around ichigo and isshin even when they were humans. All of the quincys have spiritual powers and can see ghosts, so does don kanonji. Which means they all have pretty high rieatsu levels for a human. The only ones that are questionable are ichigos friends.. but chad and orihime did receive powers.. It just seems like his other friends didnt get any. But they werent exposed to ichigo as much and he had better control when he was around them the most.. Plus the H-cube helped chad and orihime get their powers.. :-/
    I just find it weird that it seems if a human is exposed to reiatsu, they will eventually adapt and be able to see ghosts which hints that their reiastu has grown.. Doesnt necessarily mean they attained powers, though.. :-/
    Seems like there is a level of rieatsu normal humans have, then above that ones that can see ghosts, and then even ones that attain powers. Although the powers part might just be that they are trained or just coincidentally used it and kept it. Dunno.. It just seems that reiatsu has something to do with seeing ghosts.. no?

    I just dont get why rukia says that his reiatsu will completely disappear.. Dont all humans have a little bit? Misaki seemed to have a decent amount for a normal human and still couldnt see ghosts.. (at least it seemed so)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Shepherd View Post
    I just dont get why rukia says that his reiatsu will completely disappear.. Dont all humans have a little bit? Misaki seemed to have a decent amount for a normal human and still couldnt see ghosts.. (at least it seemed so)
    This is a good point. It seems that all Ichigo's symptoms were described to Rukia by Urahara. Now why in fact did Ichigo lose all his reiatsu? Zangetsu only said that Ichigo would lose all his shinigami powers, and that is also how Ichigo understood it. It could be that when the H-cube abandoned Aizen, it chose to make the wishes of Ichigo come true, which deep down apparently he wanted to be a normal person, thus Ichigo loses all his reiatsu. Now it seems that Ichigo is regretting the loss of his powers, maybe he will get at least his reiatsu back? And like I said, Urahara is likely the one who explained all of this to Rukia, so how much did he know about what was actually going on if this is the case? Could be interesting...

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    Is it ever actually implied that Masaki possessed reiatsu at all? My impression was that she didn't, or rather, at such an infinitesemal amount it equals to zero. Which is about the same for all humans but those we might refer to mediums who are able to communicate with the spirit world. They would naturally possess a greater amount than what is normal in order to do so.

    It could also be a translation error?

    The thing is, Ichigo already possessed enough reiatsu to be a shinigami before he actually was one. His amount of reiatsu was highly abnormal, and in this sense, it can also be understood as his abundance of powers that would make him capable of communicating with the spirit world. I don't think Kubo allowed for such a huge semantic hole originally, but it is something we created on our end.
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    Grand Fisher didnt kill ichigo because he said she was enough.. More than the average human, i believe.. She left him stuffed.. That and i think because he wanted ichigo to ripen a bit more.. But i still believe he said that misaki had more than an average human.. But she couldnt see ghosts (most likely..) so it couldnt have been that much more.

    Are you saying that it isnt his high reiatsu that lets him communicate with ghosts, but his shinigami powers leat? Think about ichigos friends and quincys if thats so.. And don kanonji.. jinta.. ururu(SP?)

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