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    One Piece 602 Discussion / 603 Predictions

    It's out!

    Roku, when you get a chance can you put up that cool link please?

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    omg, again an epic chapter, i fucking cant stop laughing, wonderful chapter

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    That...That was fast :O (chap coming out so fast)
    ROFL @ 3rd page, Rayleigh mad @ Luffy, Brook getting a cracked skull and so on...EPIC chapter indeed.
    Sanji is the epic comic relief of this chapter XDXD
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    Luffys reaction to Franky...Priceless
    nice to see how all SHs made good new friends

    Sig & Ava = Jaiden

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    wth one of them was eating a marine lol awesome chapter. Yay for Herculesn'!

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    Anyone who says less than excellent needs to get a life.
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    to the gentleman who posted the spoiler earlier today and i said it was probably a fake...big time was an amazing chapter. goosebumps! and i'm not kidding when i say, i was actually AFRAID when Perona showed up!!! I literally though...NOOOOOOO!!!!! hahaha! feelin very good right now. Next up, Jimbei reunion time!

    Questions to Oda:
    Keep the questions coming. Whether he got the last ones or not let's just keep asking until we get at least one!

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    Sanji...everything he did this chapter was golden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moork View Post
    Sanji...everything he did this chapter was golden.
    Sanji was pure comedy this chapter. I especially laughed at his response when his 'friend' gave him a wink!

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    Amazing... When it started raining I thought, Dragon? I had completely forgotten about Weatherpia... Anyway, despite the lack of Revolutionary Army presence it was a really great chapter.. Sanji had me laughing out loud, I was surprised to see Perona, Herculesn and the Bird... Hancock was pretty good too...

    And Luffy acknowledging his selfishness!!! Incredible.

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