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    Amazingly epic chapter is amazing. Rayleigh is one badass old dude. He must have taken a shine to Luffy over their training period. It's pretty much impossible not to like the guy. Perona became even more Gothic Lolita over the timeskip, and sure enough she's the reason Zoro miraculously made it back first.

    Finally seeing the crew back together was great, figures Sanji would have the nosebleed of his life when he saw Nami and Robin again. He also reacted in predictable fashion to finding out Luffy got to hang out with hot babes like Hancock and Margaret for two years while he was busy being chased by okama. Chef was gold this chap.

    Seeing everyone's former teachers lending them a hand was cool, and Luffy's speech to get them going on their quest to the New World was nothing short of inspiring. Strawhats For Life. Fishman Island here we come. Still wondering about the final crew member, but Brook is still freakishly awesome so I'll be able to deal until Oda sees fit to add another member. Hopefully a girl to even out the guy to girl ratio a bit more.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Senior Member Murtas's Avatar
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    Great reunion chapter.
    Lots of good moments, it was mostly a comic chapter, and how great Oda does that aswell.

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    Legendary Member halaros536's Avatar
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    this chapter was just awesome.i really liked how the sh masters protected their pupills and rayleigh was many people when i saw perona again i really thought that she would join but fortunately she didnt.sanji seeing boa was turned to stone lol.

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    OMG Best. Chapter. Ever!

    Loved Sanji and his Trannys with the broken star wink haha and turning to stone when he looked at Boa!

    All the support they got too and Reileigh being such a badass!

    Ive never really laughed at a manga joke before but OP can make me crack up like none other
    A pie in the sky?

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    Boy are the chiefs in the marines going to be pissed about this. I think Sengoku will be glad he quit 2 years ago when he hears (or reads) about this.

    And LOL at Sanji's epic nosebleed.

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    Haha, so the coating did end up like a giant bubble like i thought it would..

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    i am just happy that the bug guy did not join and i am just wondering if every ones teacher or friends from there training helped out. WHERE IS THE R.A. i mean every one else had people there for them? i mean brook ditched his guys and franky really did not have any one who helped him train.
    but after that dont it make you wonder were was the R.A.
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    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
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    Hint that Chopper and Usopp have the Haki of Observation

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    Good chap! Sanji owned this chapter.

    For a moment there I really thought Perona would join!! And what's weird is I actually want it! Good thing that was just for a split second....

    Now we know how the coating works. I remember the discussion bout how the hell Zoro end up at the boat he slept on and end up at the bottom of the sea with him on it. Now this chap explains it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Piece View Post

    Hint that Chopper and Usopp have the Haki of Observation
    Only for Usopp!

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