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    What video game console should I add to my collection?

    I already have a xbox, xbox 360, gamecube, wii, pc. There are so many other systems out there, that I don't know which to get. I don't care how old it is.... Which system(s) do you recommend? (PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, N64, NES, SNES, Atari, gameboy, etc?)

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    Depends what you want to play. I bought my PS2 because I wanted to be able to play Pro Evolution Soccer. My DS primarily to play Advance Wars. I only own my SNES and N64 for sentimental reasons. Occassionally I come accross a good deal for old titles and it's nice to be able to snap them up
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    PlayStation 3. Because it only does everything

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    I will also recommend sony PS-3 it is the comes with a huge hard drive in which you can store lots of games,movies or your favorite HD video.

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    My recommendation also goes to PS3 because (in my eyes at least i'm not attacking you xbox fans) PS3 seems to have more good games (example being Infamous or God of war III).

    Although i do own a DS and a PSP they are both handhelds, while they have remakes of certain classics wich to my shame i must admit that i rip them off the internet there are just some people who prefer new games instead.

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    I'd go with the PS3 or PSP. Both very exceptional piece of hardware with plenty of great games.

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    You just can't go wrong with a PS3. Great games, a lot of downloadable content, internet browser, netflix. Its everything you'll need in a system.

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    I'd wait with a new handheld (psp2, 3ds are probably coming out next year), so get a PS3 to complete your current-gen collection. PS2 is a great choice too if you don't care about graphics and love (J-)RPGs (and it's cheap)

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    PS3 is best you should add in your collection.

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