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    One Piece Mother of all fillers is coming

    Basically this is to ask if you think the next run of fillers will be more than usual and if you think they might be something worth watching like the SH's solo adventures?
    So maybe I'm panickinng a little because of the abrupt ending of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime. But I figured with One piece the manga being only about 40 chapters ahead of the OP anime, the fact that I think they will want to convey the time gap of 2 years, the fact that they went through like 100 chapters with only a coulpe of fillers for the movie, and the fact that if Oda-san takes another break the manga becomes even closer to the anime. With these combined if they don't want to end the anime for being so close to the manga like what i assumed they did with KHR then they might pull out 20 or 30 episodes worth of fillers.

    What do you guys think?

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    They could cover the rest of the cover stories if they really wanted to. Would've really given the manga much more breathing room, but it depends on whether or not they'll actually do that.

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    Can't care less to be honest, I got use to it already.
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    i always thought they should have done that, i know a lot of people would like to see the enel miny story and the cp9's miny story

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    I thought KHR was canceled because well it sucked.

    It lost major popularity.

    Hitman Reborn awesome art, awesome characters but God it's story sucked so much.

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