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    Zoro : The New look Sig

    Rate the sig out of 10 and leave your comments about it.


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    I can't wait!

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    bangin yo mama!!!

    im not the best at making sig but theres a lot u could do to make it look badass

    1. make the render bigger to cover up the empty space
    2. text placement isnt at the right spot
    3. the Background sux
    4. i dont like the effect/placement
    5. prolly should make ur canvas height less
    6. i was alway told to focus on what u want the sig to do and work around that only
    im sorry if i came off as a jackass/harsh
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    I'll give it a four...some things to work on:

    -It kind of just looks like a couple of random effects thrown in there without trying to blend them together. There's not really any flow that I can see. The overall composition is all over the place.

    -The lighting isn't working for looks like you just forced it in there as an afterthought of integrating it into the tag.

    -The text is bad - the color makes it hard to read and the placement isn't great either.

    -The render looks a little like it was resized without keeping the original proportions, and it also looks over-sharpened.

    In general you want to concentrate your effects around the focal and try to blend everything together as best you can. Keep at it and hope to see more from you ^^

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    the random black dots seem out of place

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    If I would review this sig by my protocol, then I would certainly look like an asshole. Instead I try somthing different.

    HOME - WORK !! Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but bear with me. Im trying really hard to teach you something in here :I

    Its nothing difficult really, what I want you to do is check out the tutorials listed below :

    Basic Elements - just read this one, you should get unleast a vague standground on how sig making works to the best.

    Smudge Tutorial - exercise with your render of choice. Completeing this should teach you how to make BGs or how to customize given stock BG.

    Basic effects Tutorial - use your own render, apply given steps until you have decent results

    Basic G4D Tutorial - if you dont have G4Ds then I advise you to search the net for them. They will come in handy.

    Advanced G4D Tutorial - Focus on how to put G4Ds into sig so that they match the flow. Also take a note on gradient maps

    Final Tutorial - this one should test your skills to max. Pick an interesting render, one that looks like you could put many effects on it. Try applying what you learned from the rest of the tuts as well.

    After you get through all of these, I give you an optional extra step. Remake your Zorro sig and pound all you learnd into it. Show us your result by then.


    NOTE : It took me half a year to get this done by myself. Fortunately for you, you dont have to search the tuts or for any guidance
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    Forced lighting, bland composition, poorly blended text and random effects.
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