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    Just thought about it, since xioaxioa just stated the cyclop-thing: zoro has his right eye and anji his left (since he covers the right one)... another subtile non-coincidential oda-thing?

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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by knowledge33 View Post
    Ok i have a general thought....It was stated that Rayleigh is or should I say was 100x stronger then Luffy which to me is the best way to gauge not just Luffy's strength but alot of other characters and figures in the question is how strong is Rayleigh....i would say he's equal or "slightly" stronger then an Admiral Class fighter....with that being said how much stronger has Luffy he on Par with Rayliegh or just slightly weaker...even so...if he's on Par with Rayleigh he's 100x stronger then post timeskip if he's still weaker then Rayliegh then he might be 50 or 75x stronger then post timeskip.......either way its a major boost.....
    To sum things up...I believe we havent begun to see the improvements of the SH....Gear2nd is no longer a top tier move but a normal figthing technique....Sanji's DJ is also just a normal tech....Oda is basically feeding us baby spoons until he's ready to show us what they really have.....truth be told where not going to see any Top moves until they fight Top enemies which forces them to level up during battle..Goku didnt turn Super Saiyan to pick Gohan up for the day care center did why wud any of the SH break out their finishers for a few low level time my friends in time :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    2. gear 2 was always a booster technique not really a finisher just something to boost the main attacks. an odda has shown us how power full luffy is i mean luffy did not just pull out haki and pawn the PX he still needed gear 2 or he would not have used it.
    3. but i dont think your right about sanji his deablo jumble is like his gear 2(kind of). and did any one notice sanji used DJ to take out the PX but zoro did not have to go asura ? hummm maybe oda subtle way of showing there is still a small gap?
    You're forgetting that even weak or strong the PX's are made out of a powerful metal. He might not use that same attack for a human who was more powerful. Human flesh would react much more differently from Luffy's normal attacks equipped with haki. But with a PX it is necessary because you have have to totally crush through 2 thick layers of metal. he just didn't want to give them a chance to recover. And with the PX he had the bonus of not having to see them as human. He could effectively "kill" them without holding back. The same thing kind of applies to Sanji as well. He's never really aimed to effectively "kill" anyone with a breaking the neck shot before but B/c PX's are robots he had to be decisive in his attack with no room for error.

    And for me Sanji has always had kicks that did different things, but for the most part they were in the same area in terms of the speed and strength they required, and yeah DJ was a step above those in power. Unlike Zolo who's attacks when he could sometimes skyrocket to new levels in terms of speed, power, and cutting ability. My point is basically I believe Oda-san used DJ for Sanji B/c it's to show he has stronger attack and different kinds of power increasing attacks then before so now in a way DJ is 1 of his weakest.
    And I think He showed Zolo using a normal slash B/c 1. otherwise he would have to draw the extra panels for preparing asura, and or
    2. Zolo would be too weak after 2 years if it took asura to cut through the PX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Yeah but Roger was only a lvl 99 captain because he had a +7 pirate sword, maxed luck and a bag of holding...

    This is getting I can't even find it in me to get irritated anymore, its just simply retarded...

    FM don't even try to have a conversation with cross, he refuses to see anyone point other than his own and has firmly convinced himself that he is the savior of all that is One Piece and will bring all us fan into the light of his understanding since we are all clearly morons...

    Just ignore him and continue having conversations with the people who have actual thought process going on.

    I forget but did they have a log watch to guide them to Fishman island? Or how do they know the way? Im thinking Cammie is coming back into the picture to guide them or something of the like, just hope its not Hacchi, hes been not one of my favs/
    I don't converse, I Destroy stupid comments or at least show how down right stupid they are, regardless if it convinces the individual or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCarred Luffy Lvl:Z View Post
    Wonder if he could use Gear 2nd with his legs while using gear 3rd with his arm or arms. This would guarantee maintaining speed and power. Who hopes he hasn't lost the cute side effect of Gear 3rd?
    This sounded cool reading it but I couldn't stop laughing when I was picturing the side affect of Luffy using this. Which was him exploding, yeah there goes One Piece.

    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    the thing is him being dragons son more than likely was not even a factor in his bounty because he already mad a name as a big time criminal in his own right, all being dragons son would get him now is street cred.
    This is so wrong it's almost funny.

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