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    Browser of choice and why?

    Hey, since I am currently doing my bi-annual try another browser for a week and see if you can make it, Challenge. I figured I would make a thread here and see if anyone else has some insight.

    I normally use Firefox with some customizations. Mainly AdBlock, NoScript, Stylsh, and GreaseMonkey. I also use the build of Firefox that pushes 3rd party plugins like Flash and Silverlight into their own process. So if Flash dies. It does not kill Firefox.

    So I am used to my custom web experience. I am right now giving Opera a shot. It is apparently lighter weight, more standards compliant, and have some nifty features.

    Currently I am enjoying the build in adblocking (once you figure out how to use it) and the built in Mouse Gestures.

    As per normal with my challenge I will be (attempting) to use Opera for a week.

    -- tl;dr: I am using Opera for a week, what browser do you use and why? Do you have any extensions that you think the rest of us should know about?
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