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    Hello Manga World

    Hey everyone My name is Jay i upload manga on youtube my site is

    i love naruto an bleach manga. an i apreaciate the work Bludshock an kylara an everyone else does

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    nice work glad to have you onboard
    Harry Potter 7 :yondaime

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    Welcome and i hope you have a good time here.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum
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    Lol, post whore? *stabs jay* x3

    Actually, I'm just really like this on all forums, it's nice to get my name around so I can make more friends.

    I've seen your manga online before, it's nice what you do.

    Now for that default, general message.

    Welcome to MangaShare! Enjoy your stay, and I hope you will be active. You're about as new as me, so it's kinda funny to welcome you. Hope we can be friends in the future.
    xD, be proud, you're getting one of the most personalized welcome-messages from me.

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