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    Reborn! Seven Flames of the Earth

    What do you think the seven flames are?... And who their opponent would be

    1. Earth - Tsuna
    2. Wind/sand - Gokudera
    3. Forest - Ryohei
    4. Metal - Yamamoto
    5. Crystal - Lambo
    6. Fire - Hibari
    7. Water - Chrome

    there are a lot more natures but these are my thoughts

    do you think there are Seven Flames of the Sea

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    Hmm good guesses definitely but I dunno about the Flame of Fire. Fire is an element but I don't think flames are based entirely on Elements. The Sky one's are based on different weather things kinda. Earth I was thinking different landmarks or something? Can't be sure though. Like...maybe Earth, Forest, Desert/Sand, Ocean (Or a river/lake whatever), Mountain, Volcano maybe instead of Fire? Ah I dunno. But i'm lookin' forward to finding out for sure.

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    I was thinking that the guy fighting Lambo uses Crystals because of their surroundings, his Shimon weapon and how lightning can be absorbed by crystals

    i fink i gotta new prediction... All the flames of the earth need to be part of the earth itself:

    earth (earth) - sky
    forest (leaves) - sun
    desert (sand)
    - storm
    mineral (crystal) - lightning
    ocean (water)
    - mist
    metal (iron)
    - rain
    volcano (lava) - cloud

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    Hmm well seems I happened to guess right on Mountain. Didn't expect it to be that guy though. Or to look more like a volcano.

    Forest - Sun
    Mountain - Lightning

    Hmm...It's hard to guess who'll be what exactly.

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