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    Quote Originally Posted by King Of Soul Society View Post
    i don't know who can compete with him in that class he is pureeeee G i thought phil davis would be a good challenge but i saw him against lil noug n he was shit can't wait for him to kick rashad evans face in loool
    The size, the reach, the clinch, the elbows. Really, no one can compete him on the lightheavyweights. Imo, A. Silva VS J.Jones will be a very good match. But I don't think that neither of them will have to reduce or gain weight just to make the fight.


    UFC 129 in a couple of hours!.



    So long Randy Couture!
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    Originally Posted by halaros536
    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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