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    This chapter looks crazy. So now we know Kanon's background, but which of those 2 other boys is Pein? The eyes on the boy on that last frame might indicate that that's Pein, but without translations, I'm just grasping at straws. Aside from Jiraiya whipping out some cool moves (the hair tail was funky), this was just a chapter that sets the foundation for crazier chapters to come. What does that eye mean? Is there an ancient clan of dojutsu users that Jiraiya knows about, and that this kid belongs to? And if one of those boys is in fact Pein, then does that mean Jiraiya was the center of Akatsuki's inception? And is it just me, or is that Deidara's body that Pein is "wearing?" I feel silly for just now noticing it, even though Pein-in-this-body was shown several times before. So many questions, so many ways for Kishimoto to grab us by the balls and make us want to keep him holding it, just for the chance that we may get some resolution in the
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    Scroll down....

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    I don't know, way too many super powerful eye jutsus.
    Now Pein's first body looks like his buddy from childhood. Maybe he is a doppleganger or something.

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    i think pain or whatever is name is forced konan in to akatsuki thats 1 and he killed i guess his friend or whatever and created akatsuki whit orochimaru als one leader because they said it they lived by orochimaru's ideals then when orochimaru met maybe madara uchiha and told itachi to join but madara maybe did whant sasukez eyes but orochimaru whantd the eyes for his own so i geuss he feard itachi and madara end later madara figurd out that itachi san his eyes or getting worse and now i think i believe that madara has obito's body because his one was to old but he truly whants an complete uchiha body some thing like sasuke lol there so much goning on in my mind lol i cant think straight xD
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    Thread moved to naruto spoilers forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chazz View Post
    i think that the other kid waz tobi
    He looks like Juugo in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alterno View Post
    He looks like Juugo in my opinion.

    My same thought

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    Guys, there is a translation available. There's a link to it just before the 1st image *.*

    This kid, Konan and Pein (whatever Pein actually is) were apparently friends when they met Jiraiya in Amegakure just after a war.

    I think/hope a very good story is coming up. Pein seems to be something very strange. We'll be given some more insight in one week I guess, personally I'm addict to flashbacks

    By the way about this kid, I think he is the body Pein used until now. It could really be it as a child in my opinion, the face and hair are basically the same. And all this story's plot is gonna end in something dirty like the weird-eyed kid taking over his friend's body or some odd plot of that kind ^^

    Also the scene where this blonde kid gets pissed about his crying mate in a wooden house is to make us think back to naruto, who looks similar and had exactly the same reaction with inari or whatever his name was (the kid on the bridge in early chapters). Can't say why though.

    Actually the kid might not be pein at all, those eyes might be some nasty shit that takes over people's bodies. who knows
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    If that was Juugo, he would be as old as Pein or Konata at the moment, and he does not, he's clearly very younger than those two.

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    Im the first one u say that and remember that.

    Ihave know that the boy with the white hair look familiar that boy named Yahiko we know him as juugo!!!!

    the proof:

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