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    another one

    Verification: Pending
    Type: Summary
    Source: Personal Reference
    Credits: Unknown

    The same friend of mine in ge mmorpg has this. I don't know if it's true
    but well it's entertainment til we can verify.

    Jiraiya is surprised that Konan is in Akatsuki and says it reminded him of
    the past.

    Younger Jiraiya tells his students that they have to get the bell. The
    other boy asks Jiraiya to tell them how he get the sannin name if he gets
    the bell. Minato asks Konan to help Debu(boy's name?) (Debu means fatty, it's not the fat boy's name ~gin0va --thanks to Alexis--)

    Debu gets the bell and sensei tells them about how he got sannin status
    in rain village battle. Debu is unhappy and says he will be hokage one day
    and beat this amagakure leader. Konan says she will help Debu and
    avenge Jiraiya's defeat. Minato says there's no need since the war is
    already over.

    Jiraiya asks Konan to tell him about akatsuki leader Pein. Konan says she
    will fight him. Jiraiya summons a fire breathing frog from Yomi(?)
    mountain. Konan says her backup is almost here. A paper plane fly over
    Jiraiya's shoulder.

    The small frog vomits out the ninja to Ibiki and tells him what Jaraiya
    said. Ibiki says since the ninja gave Jiraiya a hard time he will give him a
    harder time.

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    is that mean the fat boy was pein? if it was then I'm positive that jiraiya is the greatest in konoha.. he trained 3 pupils and look how they all end up, minato was the best nin that konoha ever produce, konan become the only S lvl female in akatsuki and pein is the leader of S grade criminals..
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    well one thing is for sure is jiraiya's time is running out and he will die soon. since hero's have to go to their final battle alone with no mentors or teachers and this is a good way for him to go against one of the big bad guys/former students. and even kakashi said it when they were fighting kakuzu about the next generation surpassing the last.

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    Verification: Pending!

    Quote Originally Posted by summary from flixya

    Konan reveals herself and her body to be made of paper...
    jiraiya says he cant believe this is actually happeneing..... pein then shows up
    pein asks jiraiya if he remembers him.....he says he knows him from somehwere...
    mean while karin is telling sasuke that the same chakra from before is coming at them extremely fast... sauske says if they dont get away he'll take care of the fight...
    slide of naruto running and kiba saying there really close...
    right when kiba says that...naruto's eyes start to hurt extremly bad... and he finds himself in kyubi's chamber with kyubi

    jiraiya then see's pein's unique hand sign when he frightengly looks at him and says You!!!

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    Don't think that the last one is possible, why would Naruto go Kyuubi against Sasuke

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    could it be because 9 tails has to release now bc he knows that sasuke will supress him if he tries later and he wants revenge

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    @ Mangahelpers

    Herd this from a friend don't know if its true

    Jiraiya asks Konan how she ended up in Akatsuki, when her dream was to create a place where shinobi could live freely. Kanon replies that is Akatsuki true goal and ask jiraiya if he rembers that day. There is a flash back of many shinobi lying dead in a huge crator and many explosions are happening all around the area. Jiraiya and his old team are running towards whatever the shinobi are fighting. Minato talks about how this is the first time since they all became Jounin that the old team was back together and smiles. The other two shinobi on jiraiya's team don't think its a laughing matter, but jiraiya seems to share minato's sentiment. The scene shifts to team konoha which deciedes they will seperate into several groups and try to use their numbers to lure Sasuke into an area where his movement will be restricted. The scene shifts back to the flash back and jiraiya's team arrives on the scene of the battle. In the middle of many dead shinobi stands a red haired woman(note: she is described as red haired thats how we know its not a colored page). The chapters ends with Minato asking jiraiya if this is the Jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox Uzamaki Kushina.
    (its fake because tsunade said they saw Kushina grow up, they did not found her or anything like that) ~gin0va
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    lol but it sounded good

    thx G.
    NAruto's next Rasengan powerup(where he uses his new Fuuton RS while in Fox Xage mode) will accidentally make a tear in dimensions and suck Aizen and everyone else into Narutoverse, which will result in Madara and Aizen fusing, and Naruto will borrow Ichigo's enormous Zanpakuto and charge it with Wind Chakra and cut Madaraizen(if you steal this term I will hunt you down and disembowel you) in half, and then the world explodes from the awesomeness of the scene.
    Made By Hagane, the Ice Nomad

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    Seems pretty realistic to me
    by Kojiro Ganryu Sasaki and brucelee


    the scen is of the sannin being left alive by hanzo
    three war orphans 'konan' 'chomon' 'misan' (?) are taken by Jiraiya
    who says he will look after them until they become independant

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    Lots to choose from here. XD Well, anyways. Looking forward to the real chapter. :3

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