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    Little theory: Layla Heartfilia and the missing Dragons

    Hey boys :p

    the last days, i watched some anime episodes and noticed something, that could be interesting.

    most of us should know, that Igneel, Metalicana and even Wendy's Grandine disappeared on July-7-777.

    the tombstone of Layla Heartfilia says, that she died on ?-?-777.


    now here is my idea:

    could it be, that Layla herself is responsible or at least involved in disappearance of the dragons?

    some facts that would strengthen my theory

    1. nobody knows how Layla died
    2. lucy is a talented mage. she could have some nice genes from her mother
    2.1 lucys father is out of question :p

    Just imagine, that Layla left her home on the year 777 and made everyone think, that she died instead. (its not that hard if you are a proper mage)

    After that,on the one hand, she could have collected the dragons like goku did it with the dragonballs to abuse them (if she is an evil character)

    on the other hand, the dragons could have followed her voluntarily to do something that would benefit something positive (if she is a good character^_^)

    what do you think about it?
    is it possible?
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